Stanley Spencer's First World War paintings restored

Sandham Memorial Chapel reopens next week to mark centenary of 1914

Published online: 30 July 2014

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Leading museum directors and celebrities call on Italian government to ban giant ships from Venice

Petition signed by actors Rob Lowe, Cate Blanchett and Michael Caine as well as Richard Armstrong and Nicholas Penny

Published online: 23 July 2014

Rome's most profane Medieval frescoes unveiled

Gothic Hall of the Santi Quattro Coronati convent restored

Published online: 23 July 2014

US museums provide emergency support for Syria

Syrian curators, heritage experts and civilians are being trained to secure high-risk collections

Published online: 18 July 2014

Sistine Chapel to get even more crowded

A new climate control system could allow nearly triple the visitors to view Renaissance frescoes

Published online: 02 July 2014

Not fake, but ‘tarted up’

Painting due to be removed from museum wins reprieve after tests prove it is a genuine Old Master

Published online: 27 June 2014


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