Fakes and copies Germany

Full list of German forgeries

Police reveal a much longer list of 53 fakes by master forger Wolfgang Beltracchi and his gang

The fake Alfred Flechtheim label printed in the Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale 19 June 2007 catalogue as proof of provenance of Andre Derain's Bateaux a Collioure, around 1905

1. Campendonk, Heinrich; Mädchen mit Schwan (Girl with Swan)

2. Campendonk, Heinrich; Kleines Bild mit Pferden (Landscape with Horses)

3. Campendonk, Heinrich; Rotes Bild mit Pferden (Red painting with Horses)

4. Derain, Andre Collioure (Collioure)

5. Ernst, Max; Waldbild (Forest Painting)

6. Ernst, Max; Kleine Weisse Landschaft (Small White Landscape)

7. Friesz, Emil Othon; La Ciotat (La Ciotat)

8. Herbin, Auguste; Kubistisches Frauenbild (Femme Assise)

9. Kisling, Moishe; Blumenbild 1 (Flower painting 1)

10. Kisling, Moishe; Blumenbild 2 (Flower painting 2)

11. Loiseau, Gustav; Kleines Winterbild Paris (Small Winter painting Paris)

12. Marcoussis, Louis; Kleines Cubistisches Stilleben (Small Cubist Still-Life)

13. Leger, Fernand; Kubistisches Stilleben (Cubist Still-Life)

14. Mense, Carlo; Kleine Ansicht Waidmarkt — (Small view of the Waidmarkt)

15. Pechstein, Max; Frauenakt (Nude Woman)

16. Pechstein, Max Seine Paris (Seine, Paris)

17. Purrmann, Hans; Sudliche Landschafte (Southern Landscape)

18. Metzinger, Jean; Cycliste (oval)

19. Ernst, Max; La Horde

20. Dongen, Kees van; Frauenportrait mit Hut (Portrait of Woman with Hat)

21. Dufy, Raoul; Le Havre

22. Marcoussis, Louis; Portrait d'Alfred Flechtheim

23. Gleizes, Albert

24. Derain, Andre; Boote in Collioure (Boats in Collioure)

25. Ernst, Max; La Mer

26. Ernst, Max; Tremblement de Terre

27. Campendonk, Heinrich; Else Laske-Schule Gewidmet (Dedicated to Else Laske-Schule)

28. Nauen, Heinrich; Herbstwald (Autumn Forest)

29. Campendonk, Heinrich; Zwei Figuren in Landschaft (Two Figures in Landscape)

30. Metzinger, Jean; Cubistisches Frauenbild (Cubist Painting of Women)

31. Hayden, Henry; Stilleben 1921 (Still-life 1921)

32. Ernst, Max; Oiseaux

33. Herbin, Auguste; Hafenbild (Harbour Painting)

34. Ernst, Max; La Foret

35. Metzinger, Jean; Le Cycliste

36. Ernst, Max; Vogel in Winterlandschaft (Bird in Winter Landscape)

37. Campendonk, Heinrich; Liegender Akt mit Frosch (Reclining Nude with Frog)

38. Lhote, Andre; Course Cycliste a Bordeaux

39. Derain, Andre; Matisse Peignant

40. Dufy, Raoul; Gebaude im Wald (Building in a Forest), (not original title)

41. Butler, Theodore Karl; River Epte, Giverny

42. Braques, Georges; Guitare le Compotier

43. Braques, Georges; Souvenirs d'Anvers

44. Friesz, Emil Othon; Port d'Anvers

45. Macke, August; Hafenbild (Harbour Painting)

46. Campendonk, Heinrich; Katze in Berglandschaft (Cat in Mountain Landscape)

47. Moll, Oskar; Stilleben mit Fruchteschale (Still life with Fruit Bowl)

48. Marcoussis, Louis; Stilleben Composition Cubiste (14th July) (Still-life Cubist Composition)

49. Marcoussis, Louis; Kleines Cubistisches Stilleben (Small Cubist Still-life), Paris

50. Herbin, Auguste; Femmes et Enfants

51. Filla Emil; Homme et Oiseaux

52. Herbin, Auguste; Rue de Village

53. Hayden, Henry; Nature Morte a la Guitare

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