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White light to dazzle London underground

The California artist will be creating Europe’s biggest neon installation in a tube station

LONDON. Los Angeles artist Pae White hopes to bring a dose of Californian sunshine to gloomy London commuters this year, by creating Eur­ope’s biggest neon installation at Gloucester Road tube station.

“I want to bring daylight to the underground,” said White about the intervention, which will stand at an estimated 260 feet long and 12 feet high. “Imagine a giant Persian rug as a line drawing—that’s what I want to create in neon,” said the artist, who will install more than 2,000 neon tubes.

The work, due to open at the end of the summer, will be in situ for three years and has been commissioned by Art on the Under­ground, whose previous collaborations include work by Richard Long and Jeremy Deller.

How will the project, which White describes as “like a giant SAD [Seasonal Affective Disorder] light”, affect travellers in the wet-weather city? “I don’t know,” she said. “But, wouldn’t it be great to spread a five-second glow of optimism through a tube carriage?”

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20 May 10
6:0 CET


This piece is a brilliant idea i have been working on some light installations. The idea of art that is taking on medical technology is a fantastic idea not only the appreciation of the installation but helping shed some of the gloomy blues by using these high spectrum SAD light is fantastic. I am certainly looking forward to experiencing this work and shall go out my way to view this piece of work.

12 Apr 10
23:3 CET


Wow...some people always want to find the negative!!! How about just celebrating a fun idea?

12 Apr 10
4:57 CET


Just how much electricity will this consume? Doesn't seem very ecologically sound.

12 Apr 10
4:56 CET


Thank goodness for east coast Americans who have made the big trip west & can call it like it is. Didn't know neon is a west coast media ? And I suppose a CA signature of sunshine doesn't fit into the "real" & brooding NY scene so it's irrelevant? You should remind artists about ignoring their geography and culture and coopting anything eastcoast so they can meet your jingoistic ideal.

9 Apr 10
15:15 CET


Sorry, I'm an American East Coaster who's been back and forth to the West Coast enough to be qualified to call this out. This concept is SO "CALI."

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