Lina Bo Bardi’s glass and concrete gem in São Paulo to be restored to original condition

After being bailed out by Banco Itaú last year, the Museu de Arte de São Paulo is ready to return to its former glory in October

Published online: 05 March 2015

Biennials move to a Latin beat after decades of controversy

Surge in new and revived South American exhibitions reflects global demand for contemporary art

Published online: 05 December 2014

Art Rio is on the rise

But the fair still has a ways to go before it is on the level of Brazil’s main event, SP-Arte

Published online: 17 September 2014

São Paulo biennial separates itself from Israeli sponsorship

Foundation agrees to “disassociate” itself from consulate funding after protest letter from artists and curators

Published online: 02 September 2014

São Paulo ready for big-budget biennial

Emotionally engaging their audience—with a little help from YouTube—is the name of the curators’ game

Published online: 02 September 2014

Politics not just part of Bienal’s past

This year’s edition aims to prompt discussions about the social and economic problems facing Brazil

Published online: 02 September 2014

How the slave trade shaped the Baroque

As Catholicism spread across the colonies, slaves and freedmen created a uniquely Brazilian style

Published online: 02 September 2014

Street art versus Fifa

In the run-up to the World Cup, protest graffiti filled Brazil’s walls with potent expressions of discontent

Published online: 02 September 2014

Artist opens art and technology school in Rio favela

The Escola do Vidigal is the latest step in the Vik Muniz’s plans to overhaul the Brazilian education system

Published online: 01 September 2014

Museums 1-0 galleries

Football fans flocked to see art—but not to buy it—during the World Cup

Published online: 01 September 2014

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