China to ban ivory imports for one year

The block on all trade comes after international pressure from celebrities including Ricky Gervais and David Attenborough

Published online: 26 February 2015

Chinese government promises millions to protect heritage village

Nearly every building in Banpo was destroyed after a mining company excavated 300 tonnes of coal, prompting the government to enforce conservation

Published online: 26 February 2015

Hong Kong culture district chief to leave early

Michael Lynch resigns because of family emergency

Published online: 11 February 2015

China’s design culture to benefit from the Bauhaus

Leading university builds museum and institute aiming to inspire innovation

Published online: 04 January 2015

Art adviser takes the reins at Art Basel in Hong Kong

Malaysia-born Adeline Ooi, an Art Basel VIP relations manager, to lead Asian edition of Swiss fair

Published online: 30 December 2014

Private bank opens second Shanghai museum and plans even bigger one in Beijing

Opening show at M21, the city’s new contemporary art museum in former Expo pavilion, attracts interest of China’s censors

Published online: 19 December 2014

China’s gentlemen collectors have a cachet that money can’t buy

While records tumble in the saleroom, museums are quietly celebrating the literati tradition

Published online: 08 December 2014

Shanghai Biennale is more about process than product

With the theme Social Factory, the show takes a conceptual turn away from the spectacle of China’s art market

Published online: 27 November 2014

Sean Scully, Zen master?

A major solo show at the Shanghai Himalayas Museum draws connections between the Western abstractionist and Eastern traditions

Published online: 27 November 2014

Christie’s appeals to Chinese sensibilities in first-year anniversary sales

The auction house also opened a new exhibition and office space in the Rockbund’s Ampire Building

Published online: 28 October 2014

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