Artists fight violence against women in Egypt

Although sexual harassment has recently been made a crime in the country, incidents of assault are on the rise

Published online: 20 August 2014

Egypt tracks down suspected looted works to Europe

Three artefacts allegedly stolen from a tomb in Saqqara are now in the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, while the other two have been listed in a Paris auction catalogue

Published online: 05 June 2014

Artists and writers defy censorship in Egypt

Clampdown stepped up before this week's presidential elections

Published online: 28 May 2014

Egyptian artefacts recovered after looting, now on show in Cairo

But the country’s heritage remains at risk

Published online: 22 May 2014

No consensus on tackling Egypt looting

Everyone agrees on the need to act, but controversy remains over what will work

Published online: 30 April 2014

Controversial security walls help protect Egypt’s antiquities

Archaeological sites saved from rampant looting and encroachment

Published online: 30 April 2014

A mummy family reunion

Fifty royal mummies, including unknown princes and princesses, have been found in Luxor

Published online: 30 April 2014

Mount Sinai monks threatened with deportation

An Egyptian ex-army general wants to tear down Saint Catherine’s monastery and expel its mostly Greek monks as a threat to national security

Published online: 21 April 2014

Torched government headquarters to be returned to Egyptian Museum

National Democratic Party’s home to be demolished and land turned into gardens

Published online: 11 April 2014

Egypt museums hope grassroots fundraising will prove fertile

Officials are struggling to finance construction projects in time for planned 2015 openings

Published online: 02 April 2014

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