Click here to enlarge: Paris’s Modern art museum to grow its photo holdings

The Musée d’art moderne is the first in France to establish a patrons group for the medium

Published online: 22 January 2015

Renewal in the Arab world to come from women and the young, says French president

Conference at the Institut du Monde Arabe acquired special meaning after Charlie Hebdo

Published online: 21 January 2015

President Hollande opens conference in Paris for progressive Arab voices

Institut du Monde Arabe forum has extra relevance after Charlie Hebdo attack

Published online: 15 January 2015

French art organisations respond to the Charlie Hebdo attacks

Cultural officials and institutions show their support for the satirical magazine

Published online: 15 January 2015

Appeal seeks to halt changes to gardens at Albert-Kahn Museum near Paris

Campaigners claim Japanese style will dominate after construction of new building

Published online: 14 January 2015

Frac Île-de-France opens a castle fit for an art king

A renovation of the Château de Rentilly led by Xavier Veilhan gives the Paris region’s contemporary art collection a second space

Published online: 09 January 2015

In sorrow: We are Charlie

Demonstrators all over France show their solidarity with journalists and artists killed in today’s massacre

Published online: 07 January 2015

VAT rate on French art reduced from 10% to 5.5%

Direct sales made by artists taxed the same as imports from 1 January 2015

Published online: 06 January 2015

Paris conference on the Arab world to show where there is hope

A revived Institut du Monde Arabe under Jack Lang engages softly with today’s politics in the Middle East and North Africa

Published online: 03 January 2015

Anish Kapoor given solo show at Versailles next year

British-based artist follows in the footsteps of Jeff Koons and Takashi Murakami

Published online: 23 December 2014

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