Gurlitt art confiscation ends

German prosecutors release works but tax investigation and provenance research continues

Published online: 09 April 2014

Gurlitt could regain part of his collection in deal struck with German state

Task force will research provenance and anything not identified as Nazi loot within a year will be returned

Published online: 07 April 2014

Gurlitt's Salzburg hoard is bigger and better than first thought

German collector says he will return works if there are "reasonable" grounds for suspicion they are Nazi loot

Published online: 27 March 2014

Director of Documenta steps down

Bernd Leifeld, who has managed the high-profile contemporary art exhibition in Kassel since 1996, says he leaves “with weeping eyes” but on his own terms

Published online: 26 March 2014

Advisory body to German government finds against Jewish claimants for the €400m Guelph Treasure

It was not a forced sale, is the reason given

Published online: 24 March 2014

The secret recipe behind Beuys’s brown paint

A German student has used x-ray flourescence to analyse the artist’s Braunkreuz

Published online: 20 March 2014

What is Berlin without its museums?

Visitors to the city may have to look for other attractions, as a slew of cultural spaces close for renovation

Published online: 13 March 2014

How to be a master forger

Published online: 06 March 2014

Provenance research in Germany is not completely dire—but a happy solution is still a way off

Much has been done to return art looted by Nazis to owners' heirs but the momentum has slowed

Published online: 06 March 2014

Fabergé and oligarch throw eggs at each other in trademark dispute

Right to name museum after Imperial jewellers is contested as both sides claim win

Published online: 26 February 2014

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