Italy’s planned Holocaust museum moving to EUR, Mussolini’s expo site

Museo della Shoah, first mooted in 2005, could open next year

Published online: 05 September 2014

Energy group gives €12m to restore L’Aquila basilica

Mayor of earthquake ravaged town praises Eni for “adopting” the national monument

Published online: 04 September 2014

Another art theft in Italy

Three 15th-century panels were stolen from the Castello Sforzesco in Milan

Published online: 26 August 2014

Riace bronzes may head to Milan for 2015 Expo

President of Lombardy offers to lend two paintings by Caravaggio in return, but conservators must review the statues’ condition

Published online: 26 August 2014

Gagosian to loan art to public gallery in Rome

Galleria d’Arte Moderna plans extension that will include space for dealer’s artists

Published online: 22 August 2014

Osama bin Laden’s family buys into Italian marble firm

The Saudi construction group is the first foreign investor to enter the traditional Italian industry

Published online: 21 August 2014

Cambridge scientist challenges the Italian government to show that the cruise ship solution is safe

“A simple question: show us the evidence”, says Tom Spencer

Published online: 20 August 2014

New route for Venice cruise ships would damage the lagoon

Governmental decision favours business interests

Published online: 20 August 2014

Augustus to rise again in Rome

The Roman emperor’s ruined mausoleum will be restored and reopened to the public

Published online: 19 August 2014

Stolen painting by Guercino was uninsured and unprotected

Italian church's alarm was inactive and painting uninsured due to lack of funding

Published online: 15 August 2014

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