Saudi Arabia

Marilyn’s thighs, a wake-up call, and night-time women graffiti artists: this is Saudi Arabia

Street art exhibition organised for Jeddah’s 21,39 arts festival shows that nothing is black and white in this small but passionate art scene

Published online: 05 February 2015

Saudi artist fights to prevent Isis threat

Abdulnasser Gharem tries to give young Saudi Arabians an alternative to fanatics' propaganda

Published online: 16 October 2014

New book traces conservation of Jeddah sculpture trail

Important collection of 20th-century public art includes work by Henry Moore and Joan Miró

Published online: 27 September 2014

The might of oil flows into culture

Saudi Aramco partners with European museums to create a huge arts and natural history centre in the Eastern Province

Published online: 19 May 2014

The Kingdom to spend $1.7bn on building 230 museums

Thirty international archaeology teams have been invited to the desert land

Published online: 19 May 2014

A new awareness of conservation

The Kingdom is officially opening to tourism

Published online: 19 May 2014

British Museum creating two more shows for Saudi Arabia

Cultural centre honouring King Abdulaziz already working with the Pompidou Centre, Paris

Published online: 19 March 2014

Exhibition celebrates history of Islam’s second holiest city

Medina’s turn as Islamic Capital of Culture ends with a show of contemporary calligraphy and historic photos

Published online: 24 February 2014

Saudi Arabia as hub of the Middle East art scene this week: surprised?

Two events, Jeddah Art Week and “21,39”, bring contemporary art to the Gulf

Published online: 01 February 2014

Heritage hopefuls renew their bids to Unesco

Saudi Arabia and Turkey are pushing through preservation efforts to get their historic sites listed

Published online: 23 January 2014

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