Syrian Arab Republic

In exile or amid the horror, Syrian artists carry on working

While civil war tears their country apart, most artists have fled Syria and are achieving success in the Gulf and the West. But some remain in their native country, where art provides a brief escape from the conflict

Published online: 12 March 2015

Iraq and Syria’s cultural heritage face new threat from fanatics

Fears grow that social media savvy Islamic State is exploiting monitors’ lists

Published online: 28 August 2014

US museums provide emergency support for Syria

Syrian curators, heritage experts and civilians are being trained to secure high-risk collections

Published online: 18 July 2014

Ancient Christian sites in Syria threatened

Government surveys damage in small town where Aramaic is still spoken after rebels retreat

Published online: 28 May 2014

Warning over Syrian loot

UK exporters told they could be breaking law by handling looted artefacts

Published online: 18 April 2014

Turkey turns blind eye to plunder, says Syria

Syria condemns foreign involvement in organised and systematic looting of its heritage

Published online: 17 March 2014

Syrian artist released by authorities

Youssef Abdelke was held for more than two months by forces loyal to the Syrian president

Published online: 30 September 2013

Emergency red list of at-risk Syrian artefacts released

Country’s future depends on preserving its heritage, Metropolitan Museum director says

Published online: 25 September 2013

Concern grows for leading Syrian artist in detention

Wife's email petition for Youssef Abdelke's release gains widespread support

Published online: 30 July 2013

Unesco adds Syrian heritage sites to “danger list”

The country’s ancient landmarks have been caught in the crossfire of conflict between rebels and troops loyal to the president

Published online: 20 June 2013

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