United Arab Emirates

Saadiyat super tunnel will link Abu Dhabi’s big three museums

Safety first as Guggenheim and Louvre satellites to share secure underground link for moving objects with National Zayed Museum

Published online: 28 August 2014

Louvre Abu Dhabi sets sights on 300 loans from French museums

Head of Agence France-Muséums leads 17-strong team based in the Gulf

Published online: 28 July 2014

Dubai: the thinking man’s party town

The Art Dubai fair, which opens this week, sets a more than respectable intellectual standard for the region’s culturati

Published online: 20 March 2014

Conflicting reports on labour conditions at Saadiyat

But both sources agree that workers are struggling to pay recruitment and relocation fees

Published online: 10 January 2014

Abu Dhabi museums are becoming game-changers back in the West

Sharjah opens its New Art Spaces with extreme creations

Published online: 01 January 2014

A look inside Iran’s sealed embassy in Washington, DC

Photographs by Eric Parnes taken in the abandoned building are on show in Dubai

Published online: 26 December 2013

Global ambition for Dubai fair

Design Days Dubai expands its geographical remit next year

Published online: 06 December 2013

Abu Dhabi Art washed out by biggest storm since 1993

Fair closed on its second day due to water leaking, so far no reports have been made of serious damage to works of art

Published online: 21 November 2013

Louvre Abu Dhabi to open on 2 December 2015

French culture minister makes official announcement while in the Gulf to rebuild diplomatic bridges

Published online: 20 November 2013

New team leads next stage of Louvre satellite

Organisation responsible for managing Saadiyat Island museum appoints new head

Published online: 03 October 2013

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