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Issue 2, Saturday, 11 May 2013  | Download this issue

A search engine for art

Like the internet, art fairs are increasingly providing a snapshot of the global contemporary scene

News and analysis

A critic’s guide to the satellite fairs: the blue devils of Nada

Christian Viveros-Fauné sees the cool kids from Miami find their niche in New York

Facelift for Frieze in London

Visitors to this year’s edition in October will find a smaller tent with fewer galleries

Kabakovs’ massive commission

Artists to create a giant “city” for their forthcoming Monumenta show at Paris's Grand Palais next May

Also in this issue

Rain doesn’t dampen early sales

Sculpture and ceramic pieces prove popular with collectors at Frieze New York


Dallas collectors open arts space

Rachofskys and Faulconers team up to create the Warehouse in Dallas

Sotheby’s banks on its galleries

Bill Ruprecht says auction house’s plan to open another private gallery space in London this autumn will help to boost earnings significantly over time

New Tribeca space

Taymour Grahne, a 24-year-old London-born, US-based collector, plans to open gallery specialising in contemporary art from the Middle East

If you show, should you tell?

The ethics of displaying work by paedophile artist Otto Muehl

Starry night for Tate in New York

Celebrity friends help museum fundraise in style


On the fair’s front line

A lot of work goes into an event like Frieze: there is the crew toiling all hours to set up the mammoth tent, the art movers, the cleaners, the catering staff, the guards. While they all deserve our thanks, spare a thought for Hanna, who plays an...


The travails of Ai Weiwei

In 2011, the artist Ai Weiwei was arrested by Chinese authorities on charges of posing a threat to national security. He was released 81 days later, but the harassment did not end there. A new documentary looks at Ai’s life following his release and the troubles he has faced since. “I have a difficult life,” he says in the film. “It doesn’t make me weaker or stronger. I just have to face it.”

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