Tombs as well as mosques have been reduced to rubble, courtesy Iraq News News

Blowing up Mosul's historic mosques is 'a war crime'

British archaeologist and peer compares loss to the destruction of an English medieval cathedral (Tombs as well as mosques have been reduced to rubble, courtesy Iraq News) Published online: 28 July 2014
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Director of Musée Picasso's diplomacy starts to pay off

Gift promised by artist's daughter will help Laurent Le Bon move forward

Published online: 28 July 2014

Louvre Abu Dhabi sets sights on 300 loans from French museums

Head of Agence France-Muséums leads 17-strong team based in the Gulf

Published online: 28 July 2014

Star Wars creator picks Chinese architect for Chicago museum

George Lucas's museum of narrative art due to rise on city's lakefront

Published online: 28 July 2014

Islamic militants destroy Muslim shrine in Mosul

Isis jihadists continue to target holy sites across Iraq

Published online: 26 July 2014

Getty gong for Lord Rothschild

J. Paul Getty medal awarded to the UK arts patron for achievements in philanthropy and conservation

Published online: 25 July 2014

US and South Korea join forces to protect cultural heritage

Governments sign first memorandum of understanding concerning recovery and restitution of stolen property

Published online: 25 July 2014


Cancer centre at Barts wins planning approval despite heritage objections

Critics of Steven Holl-designed Maggie's centre wanted it moved to safeguard great hall

Published online: 25 July 2014

Italian culture minister pledges to give museums more autonomy

Dario Franceschini aims to increase independence of the Uffizi and other leading institutions

Published online: 25 July 2014

Hermitage film chronicles great museum's turbulent history

Director recalls how institution has been shaped by wars, revolution and purges

Published online: 24 July 2014

Let us remember famous black men and women

African and Caribbean cultural archive opens £7m new home in Brixton, London

Published online: 24 July 2014


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