Issue 266 - March 2015

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Fiasco over top job in Turin

Political pressure decides co-directorship of the Castello di Rivoli

British treasures head to capital

Ex-Theatre Museum to show art from the regions

Henry Moore’s Hyde Park Arch should rise again

After twenty years new studies suggest restoration could cost far less than originally feared

Sponsorship under fire

Leading fundraiser denounces its increasing influence on museums

Portugal may lose billionaire collection to Brazil

José Berardo doubts government will buy, and plans new art deco museum

Momentous sacred art commissions for London’s cathedrals

Westminster Cathedral seeks artist to complete its mosaics while Bill Viola starts filming for St Paul’s altarpiece

9/11 hijacker attempted to sell Afghan loot Free

Mohamed Atta offered artefacts to German archaeologist

Restitution case targets Thyssen museum Free

But it may not be legally possible to sue Spain in the US courts


Major shake-up at Knoedler

Building, staff and some artists on the way out

Arco dealers threaten boycott Free

Rows between fair organisers and selectors have been made public

“Collecting is like a disease—you can only stop when you die” Free

As he prepares to open a new gallery in London, dealer Iwan Wirth tells us how the recession has affected his business

Who’s in? Armory Show risks expansion Free

Fair size rivals Art Basel Miami Beach; dealers pulling out threatened with legal action

More satellite fairs for Armory Show Free

But can this number of fairs survive beyond 2010?

Feathers fly in Partridge fallout

Legal row between antiques dealer and consortium involving former minister Mellor turns ugly


The Caravaggio season opens for scholars Free

Two substantial books mark the literary launch of the artist’s 400th anniversary celebrations

Deep currents of Catholic belief

Two substantial books mark the literary launch of the artist’s 400th anniversary celebrationsTwo exhibitions catalogues—of Maíno and of the relationship between painting and sculpture—reveal the power of faith

Viva Verdi!

This well researched monograph may help restore the fortunes of Bachiacca

Ruskin in Venice and beyond

Portraits in close-up and in a wider context of the great Victorian theorist and critic

Decorative art

The work of David Watkins and Wendy Ramshaw

The adventurous portraitist

A biography and monograph of Johan Zoffany


What is the sin MoCA and Jeffrey Deitch have committed? Free

If Deitch thrives in his new post, I suspect it will go a long way towards silencing the gasps when the next dealer is appointed to head a museum

Why satellite art fairs are recession-proof Free

Fairs work just like real estate, and when commercial rents go south, opportunities pop up

Museum boards should include more than plutocrats

Community support is crucial for museum survival


Early copy of the Gospel of Mark is a forgery Free

US scholars, conservators and scientists collaborate to prove that a “14th-century manuscript” is a skilled fake

Advance in iron preservation

Work on Civil War submarine leads to pioneering technique

Reprieve for rock art Free

Agreement reached to preserve carvings in Utah’s famed Nine Mile Canyon

Peasants and townies in musical contest—again

The restoration of a theorbo-harpsichord sheds light on 18th-century music


Art falls victim to football hooliganism Free

Egyptians cancel Algerian pavilion at Alexandria Biennale following violent protests

What’s the difference between a soldier and an artist?

Nothing at all, if you’re Abdulnasser Gharem, lieutenant-colonel in the Saudi Arabian army and rising star conceptualist

Viola at the altar

The pioneering video artist discusses his new commission for St Paul’s Cathedral in London By Cristina Carrillo de Albornoz

All kiss and make up at the Village Voice

Conflict of interest? What conflict of interest? Christian Viveros-Faune has returned to the fold and joy is unlimited

Slick presentation goes too far at the Saatchi

Who says Richard Wilson’s art is going down the drain? It’s nothing a mop and a bucket couldn’t fix…

Humanity’s great works

The British Museum’s Neil MacGregor captivates with his telling of the story of civilisation


Lindisfarne Gospels to return home

British Library agrees to lend illuminated manuscript to Durham every seven years

British Museum turns to Mecca and its holy pilgrimage

Exhibition aims to unravel the mysteries of the Hajj to non-Muslims

Sarkozy’s grand plan for island in Paris

French President’s museum of national history vies for space on Ile Seguin

France funds new museum in Ethiopia

Musée du Quai Branly provides curatorial expertise

Essen misses out on Olafur Eliasson

Capital of Culture’s underground “second city” too costly

Museum Acquisitions

Capital of Culture’s underground “second city” too costly

A tale of two Egyptian princes

German museum agrees to lend Hemiunu to Cairo, but Boston says Ankhhaf too fragile to travel

Getty bronze’s day in court

Italy accuses museum of buying statue in bad faith

Gallerist turns museum director

Jeffrey Deitch bags top job as director of MoCA, Los Angeles

Grosz heirs vs MoMA case dismissed Free

Three-year statute of limitations has run out

“Like a European summer academy”

Klaus Biesenbach on P.S.1 as a place for artists to interact with curators, critics and the public

Recovery after annus horribilis Free

But directors are still making cuts in museum budgets

Balance sheets Free

How the richest museums have fared in the past year