Issue 266 - March 2015

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Aristocrats rush to sell the family silver Free

Works of art worth £100m from historic collections go to market

Looted from Italy and now in a major Spanish museum?

Madrid’s National Archaeological Museum may have bought trafficked items

The Fatimid ewer that keeps on giving

From £200 to £20m, the newly valued object is leaving UK for Germany

Looted from Italy and now in a major Spanish museum?

Madrid’s National Archaeological Museum may have bought trafficked items

Who is behind the great stately home art sell-off Free

We reveal the aristocrats who are raising funds by selling works that in many cases were on show to the public

Extracts of Cyrus Cylinder found in China Free

British Museum curator has identified cuneiform text inscribed on horse bones

Shanghai Expo censorship rows Free

“Art spies” said to be on look out for non-approved events

Who dunnit? Paris museum’s security blamed

Critics say faulty alarm system is no excuse for nocturnal robbery of a Picasso, Matisse and Léger

Future uncertain for Burlington Gardens Free

Royal Academicians wrestle with how to make the most of their annexe

Mixed reactions to Hadid’s MaXXi in Rome

Italy gets first national museum of contemporary art—and a preview of its rival

MoMA’s neighbours up the ante

Residents fight developer who bought museum’s air rights to build skyscraper

Bringing back the Baroque—colonial style

Yale prepares for the 2012 installation of its decorative arts galleries by reconstructing a period room

Helping Haiti

New studio for Port-au-Prince

Tour planned for Gaddafi’s summit hits problems Free

Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren, Brussels is worried about sending its collection of wooden sculptures to Africa


Impressionist and modern sales limp along in London

Shock as Monet Nymphéas is bought in, with other star works failing to shine

Mixed messages at antiques trio

From enthusiasm to anger, London’s three-fair run had it all

Key lots: old masters

From enthusiasm to anger, London’s three-fair run had it all

It felt good, but it felt different

Confidence was up, sales were strong, but buyers were less prone to snap decisions

Hong Kong keeps marching to the top

Magnus Renfrew praised for getting the mix right

Christie’s sued over “fake” painting sale Free

Aurora Fine Art Fund claims it has conclusive evidence that £1.69m work is not by Boris Kustodiev

Park West Gallery loses claim for defamation

Fine Art Registry’s counter-claim for trademark infringement upheld

Tatintsian case settled Free

No dispute with Luhring Augustine

Guarantee cover for Christie’s?

House sounds out possibility of insuring against price difference

Anger at customs clampdown Free

Stricter enforcement of UK bond rules pushes dealers’ credit lines to the limit

Subpoenas for Warhol trial

Gagosian among four called to court

“You don’t want to just give carte blanche. We want dialogue with our artists” Free

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of their gallery, Lawrence Luhring and Roland Augustine look back on their partnership

Lawrence Luhring and Roland Augustine

“You don’t want to just give carte blanche. We want dialogue with our artists”


The pins and chains of Victorian social history Free

A first-rate, scholarly account of the period told through an in-depth study of its jewellery

So much more than the “Father of Pop” Free

That Richard Hamilton has such a relatively low profile is surely scandalous


In an era of austerity, reasons to fund the arts Free

Culture is a social language that we would be dumb without

Letter to the editor Free

Speaking on behalf of impecunious collectors in the US, resist droit de suite as hard as you can


Virgin unveiled after acid attack Free

Exhibition in Dresden reunites Dürer painting with altarpiece following a 21-year restoration

Gold and silver hidden in 1913 restored Free

Rediscovered treasures go back on display in Venice

Uncovered: American war of circus posters Free

An exhibition of newly restored 19th-century wooden boards donated to the Shelburne Museum reveals early guerrilla marketing tactics


Caravaggio: sex, violence and film noir Free

Why is the artist, who died 400 years ago, now so popular, when for so long he was quite beyond the pale?

The Warburg Institute is fighting for its life Free

The famous library founded by Aby Warburg for a special kind of research may lose its essential nature

A “subversive Disneyland” at the end of the world Free

The gambling millionaire David Walsh is opening a museum in Tasmania that will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before

Melamid’s plans to preach to the converted

The gospel according to Alex, the West Coast heads east, making art after Madoff, Pace shows its ‘appy face

Rubell fille sets the tone at the De Pury wedding party

Beds and sharks revisited, on the road to Milton Keynes, remembering Soho’s characters, picking up the post

A new film on Jean-Michel Basquiat ticks all the boxes

Archive interviews? Check. Cool soundtrack? Famous faces? Boost to the market? Check, check and check

When Constantinople became Istanbul

A valuable study of the material changes in the city after the Ottoman conquest, sadly in thrall to the tyranny of semiotics

How a Caribbean sensibility took shape

Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados are the basis of a study on the historical emergence of a visual culture

The pins and chains of Victorian social history

A first-rate, scholarly account of the period told through an in-depth study of its jewellery

Deserving better

Victor Pasmore in his own words

Mr Punch, indeed

The life and career of Linley Sambourne, polymath artist

Giving things back—the how, when, where and why

A history of the development of an international restitution ethic

Too much knowledge can be confusing…

… even when it is as well selected as this

Washington’s French paintings from the 15th to the 18th centuries

A tribute to the late Philip Conisbee, who was involved in its making, this book is scholarly, but not without mistakes

Pevsner: not quite a Nazi

The architectural historian hid his Jewish roots and supported Hitler’s regeneration programme as a patriotic young lecturer


What now for Whitney’s Breuer building? Free

Trustees approve museum’s downtown expansion, leaving future of historic home uncertain

“Get art out of the basement”… Free

Eli Broad lectures museum professionals at their annual conference in Los Angeles

…And pull in the crowds, says Broad Free

California museums struggle through a recession that hasn’t hit bottom as the state nears its financial breaking point

Wanted: a home for Victorian artists Free

The De Morgan Foundation is looking for a new home after Wandsworth Council terminated its lease

Eton’s Egyptology shared by Birmingham and Baltimore Free

The prestigious British school's collection of antiquities are on show in the US as part of a 15-year loan

Fight to save Wedgwood collection from company pension scheme Free

Because of a legal quirk, the museum's works could be sold off to pay factory employee pensions

Oligarch opens museum in Warsaw Free

Collector Marek Roefler shows off Polish art with French accent