Issue 266 - March 2015

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The law vs scholarship Free

Taking academics to court over authentication issues is eroding independent expertise

Campaign to build Malevich centre by artist’s grave Free

An avant-garde enthusiast and an investment banker have joined forces to save the site from commercial development

Supreme Court to rule on lengthy copyright dispute Free

Artists argue that law could adversely affect works involving appropriation

Arts businesses take a hit

But employment in galleries is expected to rise by 2015, says Otis report

Will Reynolds’s Omai return to Britain?

Owner wants to extend contentious, six-year“temporary” export licence

Inadequate monitoring puts works at risk

Confusing systems impede conservation

Are these drawings really by Francis Bacon?

A Courtauld conference will investigate works on paper said to be by the artist. Owner’s side to offer legal immunity

When vested interests hold all the cards

UK libel law is in urgent need of reform

Research sheds new light on Nazi-era art Free

German art institute puts more than 100,000 photographs from Munich art exhibitions online

Family protest at neglect of Vasari archive

Four brothers chain themselves to museum as images of items from archive are sold online

Painful punishment for Palestinian Unesco membership

Archaeologists see membership as a step forward while Israel and the US suspend funding in protest

Shock cancellation of key Unesco conference on Venice

Mayor obtains guarantee that the event will be rescheduled after being scrapped because of senator’s complaints


Art on shifting sands Free

The most culturally successful Abu Dhabi Art to date was without the Guggenheim this year

True scale of alleged German forgeries revealed Free

Major auction houses and galleries have been caught up in Beltracchi’s fake art scam

In the trade

The people and the places

Noortman posts a loss after failing to hit Sotheby’s targets Free

Old Master specialist opens London space and shifts selling strategy to include modern and contemporary

Trade shock as French government seizes lost painting

Tournier missing from Musée des Augustins since around 1818 was at Paris fair with London dealer

Preparing Christie’s for a quantum leap Free

Steven Murphy looks back on his first year as the auction house’s chief executive

Tide turns towards Old Master paintings

A raft of art fairs, new and established, and a growing collector base suggest the genre is gaining momentum

Rhino horn proves popular at Christie’s

Sales were strong despite increasing restrictions

The good, the bad and the ugly

Results were surprisingly strong, apart from one Christie’s sale. But buyers at Sotheby’s had to run the gauntlet of protesters

Brazil’s big push gets mixed results

Individual records tumble, but market is still primarily domestic

Art market analysis

Abu Dhabi: less haste and a change in taste

Art on shifting sands

The most culturally successful Abu Dhabi Art to date was without the Guggenheim this year


Need a last-minute Christmas present? Free

Luminaries of the art world reveal their choices of “the best art book I read this year”

Too late and terribly tedious

A full-scale life of Nikolaus Pevsner

At the centre of her own life, for once

Lee Krasner was more than Pollock’s acolyte, a new biography argues

Man Ray and Lee Miller: l’amour fou Free

The intertwined lives, careers and works of two of surrealism’s greatest artists

Reading between the lines

Although there are few by Jackson, the Pollock family letters reveal much about him before he was famous


What crisis? Super rich are still buying Free

The financial turmoil has been an incentive rather than a barrier for the wealthy to buy art


Christchurch’s heritage faces demolition Free

Authorities plan to knock down 50% of buildings within the business district, including historic properties

Weapons at the ready in Castel Sant’Angelo

Ancient artefacts to be displayed for the first time?but major project to restore renaissance rooms still requires funds


Why the art world is crazy about Cranach By Paul JeromackWhy the art world is crazy about Cranach

New technology is shedding light on an Old Master as the prolific, multi-talented artist enjoys a renaissance

Designs for life

After helping to create a new Yves Saint Laurent retrospective, his former partner discusses the fashion designer’s legacy

Beauty and ugliness in the urban wilderness

Mark Handforth moved to Miami before Art Basel transformed its art scene. He can still find the city’s original “crazy energy”


London diary

Sexual obsessions and psychoanalysis take centre stage Free

Steve McQueen’s “Shame” explores addiction; Jan Svankmajer’s “Surviving Life” charts one man’s disturbing dreams

Edward Burra revealed

Graham-Dixon enthuses about the artist

A concise portrait of Maya Deren

Jo Ann Kaplan’s documentary of the early film-maker


DELETE What should we do with “our” antiquities?

US museum directors wrestle with the long-term consequences of artefacts acquired without watertight provenance

Crisis deepens at Britain’s empire museum

Accounts reveal ?1m in unauthorised transactions; and the ?500,000 “Britain in Palestine” exhibition that never was

Hungarian national gallery director resigns in protest Free

Backlash in Budapest to proposed merger with Museum of Fine Arts

For the record: MoMA’s oral history project Free

James Rosenquist and Ed Ruscha are among the artists talking about their work for posterity

“Donors need to give more than art”

Endowed posts give university museums more independence

Treasury rules stop museums spending donors’ cash Free

Nationals reluctantly set up trusts to help gain access to their own reserves

Kenwood’s star paintings to tour US

But its fragile Vermeer must stay in London

Musée Picasso costs double…

Extra wing increases renovation works and extends deadline

Sculptor’s dream ends

Bank forced to withdraw its support for museum of Subirachs’s work in Barcelona

Berlin’s 20th-century art to gain space of its own Free

The director of the Nationalgalerie, Udo Kittelmann, gets the green light to rehang Gemäldegalerie with modern masters

Joanneum Quarter unveiled in Graz

Opening clouded by 25% budget cut to historic institution

Disputed Munch at Leopold Museum Free

Leading expert has “severe doubts” about work lent to Vienna museum by Norwegian collector

No new home for Munch

Project vetoed

Malmö Moderna reined in

Founding director resigns as Birnbaum cuts cost of satellite

A striking vessel, but who’s to steer it?

Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s new wonder-building has been launched as a memorial to its late director