Issue 241 - December 2012

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Come to Britain (but only if you’re already famous) Free

New immigration rules exclude young, gifted artists from beyond the European Union

Not a Bacon, expert tells court

The chairman of the artist’s catalogue raisonné committee dismisses controversial drawings as “pastiches” in UK bankruptcy hearing

Derry-Londonderry: plenty of history but not much art

Only 29 paintings and no art museum, but it will be the UK’s City of Culture in 2013

Historic houses threatened as owners face bigger tax bills

Treasury crackdown inadvertently hits conservation, says association

Web salvation for workers’ art Free

Shunned since the Wall fell, art of the GDR is digitally rehabilitated

Roma culture under pressure

Authorities accused of manipulating rent and property valuations to evict cultural organisations

Mapping Sandy’s damage

Where the superstorm hit New York’s art world the hardest, and how it is recovering

Bid to save Mexico’s Modernist gardens

Disillusioned with art collecting, Taco Inn owner César Cervantes plans to restore Luis Barragán’s neglected urban landscape

Art Market

Where do all the profits go? Free

The spotlight on how much corporation tax is paid by UK companies is turning towards art dealers

Big (and small) fish look beyond local pool

Hong Kong galleries form new group in attempt to lure Chinese collectors

Court rules auction houses should be more transparent

New York’s auctioneers try to preserve consignors’ anonymity as demand for openness grows

To give art is better than to receive

Collectors are passing on works before a tax law expires, but recipients are the losers if they want to sell

Abu Dhabi Art shows off starchitects

Confirmation of the planned museums reassured Western dealers at this small but choice and well-attended fair

Chatsworth manuscripts light up London sales

Volumes could fetch millions as Duke prepares to sell rare, high-quality examples of illuminated work

Ker-ching:?New York takes $1bn in a week

Post-war and contemporary sales overtake Impressionist and Modern as market revisits highs of 2006


Books for Christmas Free

Recommended reads, old and new, from the great and the good of the art world

A virtuoso in pen and ink as in paint

A new book shows that Bonington’s talent extended well beyond his paintings

Victorians revisited

A defence of Victorian painting overstates its case

Francis Bacon, metaphysician

A new book considers the theological dimensions of the artist’s paintings

Chronicle of Dada, in English at last

After 50 years, an excellent translation of the definitive study of the short-lived movement

Meandering journey

A sculptor who was prolific but uneven


A sad reflection on the art world Free

Critics, curators and collectors who have complained recently about how the super-rich are ruining the art market should know better

A sad reflection on the art world

Critics, curators and collectors who have complained recently about how the super-rich are ruining the art market should know better

Take East German art seriously Free

No amount of historical understanding can replace aesthetic judgement. As the Weimar exhibition shows, only a few of the artists active during the GDR years would have prospered outside the microcosm of the regime


Munch frieze at risk Free

University of Oslo building project could be damaging recently restored paintings

Texas gets the full picture Free

Conservators restore hidden figures discovered during cleaning of 17th-century nude

Prado fills in Goya’s gaps

Museum reinstates lost areas of late drawing



Change in China: a cause for celebration?

With new party leaders, observers wonder whether censorship or liberalisation is on the agenda.

All The Same

Elio Grazioli remembers a single-minded man

Libraries gave them power

Luke Fowler’s film carries a powerful message about the importance of educating the working class

Sky launches Italy’s first TV arts channel

Broadcaster targets 8% audience share


Louvre of the north opens

A satellite sparkles where a coal mine once stood, but not everyone is impressed in France

Abu Dhabi’s universal vision takes shape

Louvre and Guggenheim lift the veil on their collecting so far for Saadiyat Island museums

Breakthrough at the Academy

Royal Academy adopts plan B to unite its two buildings, which should cost half the previous scheme

On the road in San Francisco

Collection goes on tour while city’s museum of modern art builds a supersized extension

New director rings the changes

Vienna’s art and design museum’s artist-designed galleries to be renewed, starting with “1900”, but Donald Judd’s room will stay put

Moscow’s ‘Pompidou’ stalls

City launches network of kunsthallen but planned high-rise art centre is savaged by prominent critics

Enter the Dragon (part one)

Shanghai power couple open first of two art museums, combining traditional and Modern Chinese art

Floodgates open to loans

Major French works go on display in Shanghai


Gae Aulenti

One of the few Italian women to achieve fame in architecture, not least for turning a train station into the Musée d’Orsay


Can their love last forever? Free

The love affair between the art world and luxury brands has dominated the decade, but the romance may be cooling

Five lessons museums could learn from luxury labels

Building brand loyalty applies just as much to culture as it does to clothes, according to Nick O’Flaherty

The first modern master of the art of branding Free

Picasso was way ahead of the likes of Damien Hirst in making himself into a brand

From grunge to glitz

Major fair organisers are having to go to increasing lengths to pamper their wealthy visitors, says Melanie Gerlis

Who’s in bed with whom?

A rough guide to the biggest brands on the planet that are forging connections with the art world

Eleven years on the beach, eleven decades to explore

Art Basel Miami Beach moves forward by reaching back to the earliest days of Modernism with new galleries focusing on the early 20th century