AbEx fakes scandal silences the experts Free

Fear of litigation makes art historians even more reluctant to give their opinions

Syrian war’s devastating toll on antiquities

Unesco places major national heritage sites on danger list as ground combat, air strikes and looting reduce ancient settlements to rubble

Hunt for sultan's heart uncovers an Ottoman village in Hungary Free

Researchers believe Suleiman’s heart could have been buried at the newly discovered site

Married gay couples to get art tax breaks

Museums could benefit, as well as sponsors

Like a work? Get it on loan Free

Pittsburgh residents can now borrow art from their local library, thanks to the Carnegie International show

Devon church panel thefts: site had been targeted before

Security to be upgraded as it emerges that another seven 15th-century panels were previously stolen

Miró found at art handlers Free

Drawing disappeared after show three years ago

Artists fear for Istanbul show

Anti-government protests cast shadow over event

Art Market

Emmanuel Perrotin enters the bear pit Free

Opening in New York may be the French gallerist’s bravest move yet

Art fund industry struggles to emerge from the gloom Free

A further seven funds have been abandoned and even the Fine Art Fund has disappointed

BolognaFiere back in Shanghai

SH Contemporary, which was cancelled this year, will return in 2014 with a new partner, director and name

Expert spots stolen work sold by Sotheby’s Free

Jan Schoonhoven's R69-32 was missing from Dutch museum, but thief disguised work by changing its title

Slicing up the Big Apple Free

New York's galleries scatter as rents rise and generations shift

Postcard from Rio: rain, taxes but still having a good time

ArtRio got off to a slow start, but dealers say the fair is getting better every year

Bric countries beef up intellectual property laws

Brazil, Russia, India and China move to make copyright a priority in the internet age


Fine finishes for French furniture history

An overview of the Rijksmuseum collections and the complete works of the 18th- and 19th-century cabinet-makers, Bellangé

Seals with approval

A catalogue certain to become an essential reference book

Sicily is at the centre

An anthology on the island’s Greek and Roman art and architecture defies conventional accounts

A simple object of complex claims

The political-cultural significance of the Cyrus Cylinder

Great Scott

The catalogue raisonné of William Scott puts truth before market value

Pompeii and Herculaneum when the ruins were new

How visitors in the 18th and 19th centuries understood the sites

Architectural largesse

The Gritella Collection shows the wealth and splendour of Turin’s buildings

Superb paintings badly served

Paul Troger, the leading Austrian Rococo decorative artist, needs a better book

The elder Pliny: the inventor of Renaissance art history

A richly illustrated volume examines the enduring and far-reaching influence of Pliny’s Natural History

The ‘why’ more than the ‘how’

In an age when “everyone is a photographer”, two new books consider photography’s position as an artistic medium

Steely determination

An chronicle of stone works and lime kilns joins the Bechers’ exhaustive documentation of heavy industry


Who’s in charge of Venice? No one Free

If the Serenissima is to survive, it needs an overarching authority with real teeth and money

Secrecy favours the forgers

The unscrupulous will continue to take advantage of the art trade’s culture of secrecy

The legacy of Hirst’s great auction

The artist’s sale of his work five years ago set the tone for a new way to do business


Burden’s war saved from brink Free

Conservators breathe new life into installation that the American artist wanted to destroy

Illegal building threatens Cairo’s heritage

Post-revolution chaos has heightened concern about loss of Egyptian capital’s historic fabric

Mission to rescue a Turner

Trust asks public to help raise £2m for urgent restoration of weather-damaged villa near the Thames

Chillida's Canary Islands cave sculpture still on hold Free

Local officials looking for €75m in private funding to convert a mountain into a gigantic work of art



He leapt the fence and created English taste

The multi-faceted William Kent

Coming attraction

How Fernand Léger found inspiration at the cinema

Progressives in the picture

Famous avant-garde Austrian artists are the draw for turn-of-the-20th-century Viennese portraiture show

Purposeful destruction

Tate Britain traces the driving forces and ideologies behind a 500-year history of smashing art

Come on in, make yourself at home

Elmgreen & Dragset install a house at the Victoria and Albert Museum

The jewel’s setting in the crown

Dürer’s genius becomes even more evident when his work is shown alongside his contemporaries

First impressions of a Modernist

Malevich’s years as a radical Suprematist were framed by Impressionism

Carnegie for kids—and artists

Pittsburgh’s century-old event engages the local population with the theme of play this year

The art of imperial power

An exhibition in Rome celebrates the 2,000th anniversary of the death of Augustus, Rome’s first emperor

Mission: destroy

Show suggests wrecking art is the point

Beast of Burden

The first survey of Chris Burden’s work in 25 years

Fairs Auctions

Frieze smartens itself up

High standards set by Masters and New York editions… and a very large tree


Zurbarán: elevation of a master

The Baroque painter is a figure to rank with the greatest of the greats

Restitution begins at home

The return of objects is not just an international issue—domestic claims can also offer insights. By Mark Jones

An enfant terrible at 80: Stuart Brisley

After decades of radical, confronting performance pieces, the artist makes a return to painting.

How New York fell back in love with Robert Indiana Free

With a retrospective lighting up the Whitney, the artist behind “that” work has finally returned to town.


A short guide to a long history

A major Chinese painting survey, opening in London this month, sheds light on a tradition that is still unfamiliar to many in the West

New York sets the scene

The week’s sales totalled more than $150m

Tiny carvings in big demand

Best-selling book and surge of buyers from Russia and Ukraine revive market for netsuke By Claire Wrathall

Playing hardball with soft power

Western museums are feeling the pressure over restitution claims from China, Turkey and Cambodia


Going right behind the scenes Free

A new film offers a tour of the National Gallery’s recent Vermeer show—but can it replace the real thing?


New team leads next stage of Louvre satellite Free

Organisation responsible for managing Saadiyat Island museum appoints new head

Guggenheim tackles Panza problem Free

Conceptual pieces could be fabricated for the first time and the fate of disavowed works decided


US round-up


US round-up

New York

US round-up

Washington, DC

Museums in denial about transport risks

Nicholas Penny tells Scottish Parliament of mishaps while moving art as it debates Burrell Collection

Directors woo their Chinese counterparts

Spanish head of Cimam sets out group’s global aims

Jumex fortune bears fruit

Collector’s second space for international contemporary art nears completion in Mexico City

Plan B for Berlin’s Old Masters

Historic paintings to stay put in the Kulturforum—and Modern art will move in

‘Red route’ to prosperity

Lenin museums aim to capitalise on renewed interest in the leader and increase in Chinese tourists

Egyptian Museum has big plans despite cash crisis Free

A burned-out building and uncertain funding stand in the way of expansion

Qatar museums shake-up Free

As its Damien Hirst retrospective opens this week in Doha, organisation behind show rejects criticism


Werner Kaiser

His pioneering work brought new aspects of ancient Egyptian art and archaeology to light