The colour of money?

Red is hot: according to Philip Hook, a specialist in Impressionist and Modern art at Sotheby’s, it is the colour of money. Drumming up interest in next week’s sale in London of Mondrian’s Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue, 1927 (est £4.5m-£6.5m), Hook recently told the media that the more red there is in a painting, the greater the public interest—and the higher the price. Here, we present some of the red and ruddy art on show at the fair. For more about what makes one work of art more appealing than another, we’ve reposted an article by Georgina Adam from our archive. Among the many insights is the fact that men in uniform are more desirable than men in ordinary clothes. “A soldier in red is the most sought-after decorative portrait,” said the London-based dealer Philip Mould. “And it can be an interior designer’s perfect solution to have an undisturbed plane of colour.” Photos by David Owens.