Jakarta stages ‘once in a lifetime’ exhibition on national hero

But the Diponegoro-themed display will only run for four weeks

Published online: 31 January 2015

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Unknown sketch of Van Gogh to be unveiled

Rare depiction by Emile Bernard will go on show at Kunsthalle Bremen

Published online: 30 January 2015

Israeli soldier’s war memories revived at ICA London

The anonymous artist who was drafted to serve in the 1973 Yom Kippur War stopped painting for 15 years because of post-traumatic stress disorder

Published online: 29 January 2015

MP leads campaign to stop Islamic State funding terror through trafficking

UK and US collaborate to cut off one of group’s top revenue streams

Published online: 28 January 2015

Wanted: a new generation of Monuments Men for US army

Curators, art historians and museum directors sought to provide expert advice in combat zones

Published online: 28 January 2015

French artist withdraws prayer rug installation from show after threats from Muslim group

Curators ask Clichy’s mayor to support the display of Zoulikha Bouabdellah’s Silence or shut the exhibition down entirely

Published online: 28 January 2015


London mayor is a man of many tongues

When the Victoria and Albert Museum director Martin Roth introduced Boris Johnson at a lecture on Olympicopolis last night (29 January), he...

Controversial Maggie statue is on the move

The controversial marble statue of Margaret Thatcher by Neil Simmons has been banished from its prominent spot near the entrance to...

Obama and Cameron confirm special relationship with cool gifts

British Prime Minister David Cameron gave US President Barack Obama a print of Stonehenge by Henry Moore when they got pally during talks...


Tour the Amphipolis tomb

The media frenzy around the discovery of a massive and richly decorated tomb in Amphipolis, near Serres shows now signs of slowing down, especially since a skeleton was found at the site last week that is believe to be on of Alexander the Great’s generals. To appease the insatiable archaeology fans, this weekend, Skai TV and the newspaper Kathimerini released a 3D animated tour of the tomb, showing the treasures archaeologists have uncovered so far: two sphinxes, two caryatids and an intricate floor mosaic.