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The Art Newspaper Russia Prizes

The first ceremony to present the awards will be held 4 April at the Manege in Moscow

The Art Newspaper Russia is awarding prizes in the categories of Exhibition of the Year, Museum of the Year, Book of the Year, Restoration of the Year and Personal Contribution for 2012.

The nominations correspond to the main sections of the publication (Museums, Books, Restoration, Art Market) and are intended to shine a spotlight on the most striking and important events in artistic life, as reflected in the pages of the newspaper. Many art world professionals are not well known to Russians, let alone the international public, and deserve acknowledgement of their achievements.

The main selection criteria are recognition by the professional community, social significance, and innovation.

The prize is not limited to any period of art or age group of persons, and is intended to acknowledge and encourage:

• events and people influencing the current artistic process
• the safeguarding of cultural heritage
• private initiatives in the art world.

Like The Art Newspaper Russia itself, the prize aims to encourage the development of the art market, promote Russian art abroad and advance knowledge of international art in Russia.



"Caravaggio: Paintings from Collections in Italy and the Vatican",
The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

"Caravaggio (1571-1610): Paintings from Collections in Italy and the Vatican" was held at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts from 26 November 2011 until 19 February 2012. Eleven paintings by Caravaggio were shown, the first time so many of his works were exhibited outside Italy. The exhibition was the culmination of the Year of Italy in Russia and opened the jubilee celebrations in honour of the centenary of the Pushkin Museum. It was seen by more than 240,000 people. Such projects are exceptionally complex to organise, and it was only thanks to the international reputation of the museum and its director, Irina Antonova, that it was possible to present for the first time in Russia an exhibition of the most famous works by one of the world’s greatest artists.



Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre

The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre, dedicated to the history of the Jewish people and the memory of victims of the Holocaust, opened in Moscow on 8 November 2012. It is located in an architectural monument, Konstantin Melnikov’s Bakhmetyevsky Garage, with an overall area of 17,000 sq. m. Until 2011, the building housed the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture. The museum’s exhibition space is 4,500 sq. m. Boruch Gorin is the chairman of the board of directors. The American architectural firm Ralph Appelbaum Associates, creators of the Holocaust Memorial in New York and acknowledged leaders in the design of museum spaces, took part in the development of the project. The Jewish Museum makes use of a new level of technology for Russian museums, with advanced computer and audiovisual attractions such as a 4D movie theatre, interactive maps and touch screens. The museum also includes the Centre for the Avant-Garde. The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, headed by Alexander Boroda, and the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Berel Lazar, led the creation of the museum. This is the first time such a large-scale project has been realised by a public organisation in Russia. The museum emphasises the contributions made by patrons and individuals, including President Vladimir Putin, who donated a month of his salary to the building costs, which totalled $50m. 



History of Russian Art of the First Third of the 19th Century,
State Institute of Art

The 14th volume of the history of Russian art, edited by Grigory Sternin and written by members of the State Institute of Art, is dedicated to the first third of the 19th century. It was released on the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 by the Severny Palomnik (Northern Pilgrim) publishing company. It consists of articles by 15 authors on the architecture of the capital and regions, painting and drawing, sculpture, interiors, icons, church decoration, publishing, ballet, theatrical costumes and decorative arts. The book provides the most complete presentation of the culture of the age of Pushkin, the era of the Russian Empire.

The new book is part of an essential 22-volume work on Russian art under preparation by the institute. By acknowledging this collaboration, we wish to underscore the prestige and authority of academic research in the field of art. 



The Arsenal in Nizhny Novgorod

The Volga branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Art, headquartered in Nizhny Novgorod's Kremlin Arsenal, opened after restoration on 2 April 2011, but this is only the first stage. Completion of the work is planned for 2014. The Arsenal was built in the first half of the 19th century to a design by Anton Lepr. It has only three walls, the fourth being the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin itself. The restoration of the building is by architects Alexander Epifanov and Evgeny Ass. It has been a longstanding ambition of director Anna Gor to transfer ownership of the monument from the military to the art centre. It has an area of about 1,700 sq. m and, in addition to exhibition space, there is a multimedia library, bookstore, cafe and area for concerts, theatrical productions and other performances.

This is an example of a sensitive professional restoration and conversion of an historic building that is relevant to many Russian cities.



Dmitry Aksenov and Sergey Skaterschikov,
VIENNAFAIR Contemporary Art Fair

In January 2012, Sergey Skaterschikov, the founder of Skate's Art Market Research and managing director of Index Atlas Group, and Dmitry Aksenov, the chairman of the RDI Group, bought 70% of the Austrian contemporary art fair VIENNAFAIR. This is one of those rare cases of Russian businessmen becoming important players in the arena of global art. They have turned the stodgy fair into one of the major European events of the year, attended by more than 120 galleries, 28 of them from Russia and Eastern Europe. Russian galleries and artists were thereby presented to the international market, while Russian collectors had an opportunity to assess the contemporary European art scene. Skaterschikov is also known for Skate's Art Investment Handbook (2006, in English). The next VIENNAFAIR will be held in October 2013.


The Art Newspaper Russia is an illustrated, monthly, Russian-language newspaper about art. It is part of the world’s most authoritative information network in this field, which includes the Anglo-American The Art Newspaper, the Italian Il Giornale dell'Arte, the French Le Journal des Arts, the Greek Ta Nea Tis Technis and the Chinese The Art Newspaper China. All editions operate autonomously, but with a common vision and shared ethical and professional principles. Cooperation with foreign colleagues gives The Art Newspaper Russia the unique ability to provide readers with authoritative, first-hand information about the world of art.

The circulation of The Art Newspaper Russia is 15,000 copies, the readership is 25,000. It was launched in March 2012. The publisher is Inna Bazhenova and the editor-in-chief is Milena Orlova. The prize was established by OOO DEFI.

The Art Newspaper Russia Prize is a sculpture by the artist Sergei Shekhovtsov (born 1969). Shekhovtsov has represented Russia at the Venice Biennale (2010) and the Biennale in São Paulo (2004), and has participated in the Moscow Biennale and a number of important museum exhibitions. Works by Shekhovtsov are in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Tsaritsyno Estate Museum, PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art in Perm, Museum Beelden aan Zee in The Hague and in private collections.

The award ceremony is directed by Alex Agranovich, a producer, director and artistic director of several film festivals.

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