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Thursday 26 March 2015 | View in browser

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In this week’s edition


Rubenshuis director says Clara Serena portrait ‘is by Rubens’

Work deaccessioned by Met fetched almost 20 times its auction estimate in 2013

Kiev biennial venue withdraws support, citing war-time conditions

But Austrian curators say they will carry on with the exhibition

Barcelona museum director steps down over controversial sculpture

Two curators dismissed at Macba in row over Ines Doujak's work showing former Spanish king in a sexual act with a dog

More in news in the print issue:

  • Uffizi draws the line at Leonardo loan request from Milan
  • Collector discovers fake after reading The Art Newspaper


Art Dubai grows wise in a maturing market

Bold installations sell to ideas-driven regional collectors

More in market in the print issue:

  • Guidelines to regulate market are an "impossible dream"
  • Artists' co-op dumps dealers to sell direct


Málaga’s mayor wins race to open Russian museum and pop-up Pompidou

Politician was determined to launch satellites of Paris and St Petersburg museums this week

More in museums in the print issue:

  • Testing times await new national gallery directors
  • Beyeler plans to expand into greenfield site


Why Italy should sell the 5,000 antiquities recovered by the police

Improperly excavated artefacts could be auctioned to help cash-strapped museums

More in comment in the print issue:

  • Have New York art galleries found a new sales tax dodge?
  • Miami’s art museums are becoming rudderless ships


British Museum surveys ancient Greek sculptures of the human form

The Swiss private banking group Julius Baer has made a very good investment in its support of the British Museum’s exhibition “Defining Beauty: the Body in Ancient Greek Art”, which opens to the public today (26 March). This ambitious show aims to give an account of the human form as it was portrayed for 700 years or more, roughly from the Archaic period, beginning around 700BC, to the end of the Hellenistic period, around 31BC, with some glances at later developments... READ MORE

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In the March print edition:

  • The plight of Syria's artists
  • Koons at cutting edge with giant stone mills
  • New contemporary art space for town near North Pole

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