Artists join the Umbrella Revolution

Hong Kong’s art community shows its support of the pro-democracy protesters

Published online: 01 October 2014

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Artists see red over cadmium ban

A Europe-wide restriction on the use of the chemical pigment is under consideration

Published online: 25 September 2014

Anselm Kiefer, the artist who won’t let us forget

Artist confronts Germany's dark past in Royal Academy retrospective, which has earned glowing previews

Published online: 25 September 2014

A piece of Ferguson protests come to Chicago

Glenn Kaino has been collecting stones from conflict zone over the past two years for a work to be shown at Kavi Gupta Gallery

Published online: 18 September 2014

Too hot to handle

As the People’s Climate March launches this weekend, scientists team with artists to urge museums to drop sponsors who deny man-made climate change

Published online: 18 September 2014

Arrest warrant issued for Ukrainian daredevil who painted Moscow skyscraper

Mustang Wanted says the stunt was a piece of performance art dedicated to his country’s independence

Published online: 17 September 2014


Artists not wanted

Well artists, you had a good run. It’s not easy working in today’s art world, as the artist Bob and Roberta Smith knows. Perhaps that’s why...

Buy a Koons handbag, help save the world

Everybody loves a good cause, and there is none better than promoting the importance of vaccinations. So we welcome the news that Jeff...

Mates' rates

The French conceptual artist Bernar Venet has launched his own foundation in the south of France on a four-hectare estate that is one of...


Baselitz's fascination with Munch

The Haus der Kunst in Munich is opening a show of new work by the German artist Georg Baselitz on 19 September. The show includes selections from his Remix series and from his Black Paintings series, as well as a group of black bronze sculptures. In this video, Baselitz discusses the influence of the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch on his art.