Commemorating 9/11

New York’s 9/11 Memorial Museum to open in May

Director hopes institution will resonate equally with victims’ families and visiting tourists

Published online: 25 March 2014

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9/11 sculpture made from twisted steel column finds home in London

After two years of opposition from “boroughs and bureaucrats”, mayor promises to install the work permanently in Olympic Park

Published online: 10 September 2013

New Tribeca space

Taymour Grahne, a 24-year-old London-born, US-based collector, plans to open gallery specialising in contemporary art from the Middle East

Published online: 11 May 2013

Out of the ashes: the legacy of 9/11

Ten years after the devastating attacks on New York, does the reconstruction do justice to the site, and to the victims?

Published online: 08 September 2011

Comment: Controversy, compromise and what might have been

The new World Trade Center site is going to be one very strange and unpleasant place, over-scaled and aggressively bereft of humane meaning

Published online: 08 September 2011

Breaking up the superblock

David Childs on his redesign for the World Trade Center site

Published online: 08 September 2011


Doggie do-gooders

While we remember the victims and first responders on 9/11, the American Humane Association...