The case for old-fashioned connoisseurship

The stifling of expert opinions is like having fully trained doctors who can’t make a diagnosis, says the art historian Bendor Grosvenor

Published online: 05 June 2014

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We don’t need the ‘new’ connoisseurs

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Shame still hangs over the Sevso hoard

The recent return of seven of the 14 pieces of Roman silver to Hungary from the UK is a positive development in the find’s sad history

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Provenance research in Germany is not completely dire—but a happy solution is still a way off

Much has been done to return art looted by Nazis to owners' heirs but the momentum has slowed

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Biennials, far from the crowded art market?

As the Whitney Biennial opens in New York, Jori Finkel examines how such exhibitions try to keep their distance from commercial fairs

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Import ban on Chinese art creates an uneven playing field

Until China holds up its end of the agreement, trade restrictions will unfairly harm US museums, collectors and art dealers

Published online: 01 March 2014