Mount Sinai monks threatened with deportation

An Egyptian ex-army general wants to tear down Saint Catherine’s monastery and expel its mostly Greek monks as a threat to national security

Published online: 21 April 2014

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The embrace of the Catholic Church made more inviting

Visitors to Vatican City this Easter will see firsthand the €14m restoration of St Peter’s colonnade

Published online: 19 April 2014

Herculaneum gains ground

Buffer zone to be created with the purchase of a 5,200 sq. m plot of land near the archaeological site

Published online: 16 April 2014

The 18th century to get its lustre back at the Louvre

Closed since 2005, the museum’s period rooms reopen in June after a €26m renovation

Published online: 16 April 2014

San Francisco salon reopens its doors

After a major restoration, the 18th-century French period room is ready to receive visitors again

Published online: 03 April 2014

Re-enter the dragon

MFA Boston’s blockbuster Edo-period painting goes back on show after 20 years

Published online: 27 March 2014


Save Rizzoli Books

New York’s Rizzoli bookstore, a midtown Manhattan cultural haven, may soon have to pack up shop and move to a new location thanks to a...

Diseases divulged online

Rickets, bacterial tuberculosis and bony protrusions of the skull are just a sample of the maladies that can be seen in

Paris museum sheds new light on tapestries

Visitors to Paris’s Musée de Cluny are now able to see the “Lady and the Unicorn” tapestries, the museum's “very own Mona Lisa”, in an...