Cultural policy

Is it time the UK ratified the Hague Convention?

Labour’s shadow culture minister urges the new secretary to protect cultural heritage

Published online: 17 April 2014

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US and China renew import deal

Controversial agreement aims to curb smuggling

Published online: 01 March 2014

Import ban on Chinese art creates an uneven playing field

Until China holds up its end of the agreement, trade restrictions will unfairly harm US museums, collectors and art dealers

Published online: 01 March 2014

America’s agreement with China creates opportunities as well as challenges

If the US leaves the bargaining table, it could lose leverage in the cultural policy arena

Published online: 01 March 2014

Negotiations over Jerusalem’s holy sites not just for politicians

Jewish, Muslim and Christian leaders say they must be involved in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

Published online: 09 January 2014

French mission to boost design industry

Government outlines ten-point plan to raise the profile of the modern design sector

Published online: 16 December 2013


Old Flo, don't go

The artist Bob and Roberta Smith protested today (12 November) against the planned sale of Henry Moore's Draped Seated Woman by...

Crossing borders

While the UN General Assembly is considering voting to recognise a Palestinian state this September, the artist Khaled Jarrar has designed...

Non! Mona Lisa ne voyage pas

The French have given a defiant thumbs down to the Italians who'd like to borrow none other than Leonardo's Mona Lisa from the Louvre in...


Stained glass workshop for Miami teenagers

Art students from underserved schools in Miami give their views on earning a wage for the first time under the UBS sponsored ArtWorks programme and on taking part in a stained glass workshop at Art Basel Miami Beach.