Fakes and copies

Calls to clean up Russian market

As major Malevich show opens in London, claims grow that the avant-garde market is still plagued by fakes

Published online: 16 July 2014

Recently published

Make your own Vermeer

Art Basel Film includes an inventor’s lengthy—and not entirely successful—attempt to copy the master

Published online: 20 June 2014

Authentication by numbers

Gerhard Richter systematically numbers his works, making forgeries easy to detect. So why don’t all artists follow his example?

Published online: 18 June 2014

Small decision, big impact

Recent ruling could change the legal landscape for art forgery cases in New York

Published online: 04 April 2014

US Attorney reveals more Abstract Expressionist fakes found in Queens

Letter filed with New York court hints at new evidence in the government’s criminal investigation of art fraud case

Published online: 26 February 2014

Nuclear analysis proves Venice Guggenheim’s Léger is a fake

Using radiocarbon tests, researchers conclude the cotton plant used to make the canvas was cut no earlier than 1959

Published online: 13 February 2014


Spot the difference

Copies, forgeries, fakes; practically no one wants them—but only practically. In November 2012, the art critic Jerry Saltz put out a...


How to be a master forger

"Leonardo? He's easy," says the notorious art forger Wolgang Beltracchi in the documentary “Beltracchi: the Art of Forgery”, which opens in German cinemas today. The film shows how the forger duped the international art world with fakes by Max Ernst, Heinrich Campendonk and Fernand Léger.