First World War centenary to be illuminated by candle light in the UK

Landmark buildings due to go dark and artists' commissions unveiled on 4 August

Published online: 31 July 2014

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Blowing up Mosul's historic mosques is 'a war crime'

British archaeologist and peer compares loss to the destruction of an English medieval cathedral

Published online: 28 July 2014

Islamic militants destroy Muslim shrine in Mosul

Isis jihadists continue to target holy sites across Iraq

Published online: 26 July 2014

US and South Korea join forces to protect cultural heritage

Governments sign first memorandum of understanding concerning recovery and restitution of stolen property

Published online: 25 July 2014

Cancer centre at Barts wins planning approval despite heritage objections

Critics of Steven Holl-designed Maggie's centre wanted it moved to safeguard great hall

Published online: 25 July 2014

Italian culture minister pledges to give museums more autonomy

Dario Franceschini aims to increase independence of the Uffizi and other leading institutions

Published online: 25 July 2014


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