Interview: the art of Armistice

A poppy for every British and Commonwealth soldier who died in the First World War

Published online: 06 November 2014

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Picasso: ready for his close-up

The biographer John Richardson talks about the artist’s love for the camera

Published online: 29 October 2014

Interview: Camille Henrot, life, the universe and everything

The French artist’s film in Prospect 3 reflects her fascination with the human quest for control over the natural world

Published online: 21 October 2014

Let the video roller coaster ride begin

Ryan Trecartin’s films, created with Lizzie Fitch, trace the impact of technology on modern life

Published online: 17 October 2014

King of the concrete jungle

US-born critic turned curator Ralph Rugoff feels at home on the South Bank

Published online: 17 October 2014

From the horse’s mouth: interview with José Damasceno

Readers are sharing Holborn Library with Letraset characters and a horse called Pascal, courtesy of Artangel’s latest commission

Published online: 16 October 2014


Not my reality, says Met director

Thomas Campbell, the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, is given a light grilling in the “Questionnaire” slot of the...


Sturtevant and the power of appropriation

Elaine Sturtevant, the veteran American appropriation artist, died this week in Paris. Here, she holds her own in an 2010 interview about her show at the Musée d'Art Moderne, discusses her practice of recreating other artists' work, and explains the impositions of today's "cybernetic" world.