US retakes top spot in art sales from China

The economist Clare McAndrew releases her annual global art market report at Tefaf Maastricht

Published online: 14 March 2013

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How and why taste changes

While an artist’s popularity can wax and wane, there are very few genuine rediscoveries

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A marriage restored

Grant will enable US museum to treat previously untouched paintings by Hogarth of society couple

Published online: 13 March 2013

Out with the old, in with the newest

Is the cult of contemporary banishing older art to the Dark Ages?

Published online: 13 March 2013

Tefaf: going Dutch has never felt better

A short history of the world’s most admired art and antiques fair

Published online: 15 March 2012

A beginner’s guide to the key sections at Maastricht

The Art Newspaper spoke to scholars, dealers and auction experts to produce a brief guide to some of the key objects and fields at the fair

Published online: 15 March 2012


Unicorn tapestries recreated

The famous cycle of seven, early 16th-century Netherlandish tapestries, “The Hunt of the Unicorn”, has been recreated at a cost of £2m as...

In and out at Maastricht

Tefaf Maastricht will be the final outing for the London-based Old Master specialist gallery Agnew’s which is closing its doors after 195...

In the saddle at Tefaf

Sales continue to be made at Tefaf (until 25 March) but a purchase of an equine nature is making waves in Maastricht. A Dutch private...