Pacific Standard Time

“Artists are seen as one step above criminals”

Paul McCarthy on his B-movie early ambitions, art schools, the pressure to move to New York and why he’ll never leave LA

Published online: 18 June 2013

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Getty focuses on Latin America for next edition of Pacific Standard Time

Institution reveals early plans for follow-up to ambitious collaborative project

Published online: 26 February 2013

PST added $290.5m to California economies

Study estimates millions in revenue to state and city governments, but Getty is cautious about flaunting findings

Published online: 01 November 2012

Looking back on LA’s early art scene

How the Getty was a catalyst for a citywide rediscovery of a history that was in danger of disappearing

Published online: 30 September 2011

Will Double Negative be a no show?

Curators face uphill task getting OK from Michael Heizer and Walter De Maria

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Vandals target Los Angeles’ murals

An increasing graffiti problem is threatening the future of the city’s public works of art—and artists’ rights laws aren’t helping

Published online: 30 September 2011


Big Brother Baldessari’s watching you

Jason Schwartzman and John Baldessari’s disembodied head star in the latest short film in a series advertising PST, following the previous...

Elton’s photo fun

PST gives LA a lot to celebrate this weekend—its artists, its museums, its growing gallery scene—and now you can add another item to the...