Jonathan Napack


The great Chinese gold rush: Chinese art scene continues to blossom

Tate’s director of collections has visited China twice this year and MoMA trustees are also on their way

Art Basel in Miami Beach

Art Basel/Miami Beach is the first sign of the art market's shift towards Asia

The art world is entering a period of true globalisation

Art Basel

Art Basel Miami Beach is just the beginning of art world globalisation

China will be the key to real expansion

Art market

Hong Kong sales report: imperial wares are top, even the vulgar

While an historic collection of Northern Song letters goes unsold


Jakarta auction proves to be “An insult to forgery”

Indonesia is a big country and everything about it is larger-than-life; its despots, its riots and, apparently, its art frauds

Fakes & copies

Ming and Qing Chinese ceramics: A flood of fakes from Jingdezhen

Forgers reportedly work to order from Sotheby’s catalogues


Thai government evaluates Cambodia transshipment trade to crack down on looting and smuggling of treasures

Import restrictions are imposed on Khmer kingdoms artefacts

Art market

Fears of a crackdown after the handover turns out to have been exaggerated, but the picture in Hong Kong is far from rosy

Hard times on Hollywood Road

Jeffrey Deitch

The Art Newspaper meets Jeffrey Deitch

A dealer with a fine nose for futures

What's on

What's on in New York: Gramercy International kicks off the month

While women Abstract Expressionists come to Long Island, chilling still-lifes plus true confessions in Soho

Gagosian Gallery

News from New York: Gagosian’s Indonesian connection and YBA acquisitions, plus Whitney's "Parkett Biennial"

Accounting a-Gogo and a biennial's missing raison d’être