Fundació Joan Miró gears up for an outstanding programme including Beuys, Tàpies and the modern classics

Generous lending has set them up for a blockbuster year


An exhibition of 150 drawings by Joseph Beuys will continue at the Fundació Joan Miró until 18 November. They are part of the Van der Grinten brothers’ collection and they will form the core of the future Joseph Beuys Foundation.

The show has been organized by the Kestner Foundation, Hanover, and it is the result of a series of exchanges begun last winter with a German exhibition of a selection of Miró works lent by the Fundació. Picasso, Dali, Le Corbusier, Penrose, Masson, Man Ray, Picabia, Kounellis, Finlay and Pistoletto will be the main figures in the “Classical/Modern” show which opens its doors on 13 December with the aim of investigating the roots of twentieth-century classicism. The exhibition and has been sponsored by the Olimpiada Cultural. In February 1991 the Fundació will give a second showing to the Antoni Tàpies exhibition which will be running at the Centro Reina Sofia in Madrid from 7 November until 29 December. Forty sculptures, together with some fifty works on paper produced from 1946 onwards will highlight some of the less well known aspects of Tapiés’s work.

A show devoted to Lee Miller, the “Vogue” and “Life” fashion photographer and World War II photo journalist, and another on the sculptor Sergi Aquilar, presented by Miquel Molins, will open on 18 April 1991.