High-tech advances at the Uffizi to transform air conditioning, conservation, and data maintenance

Progress on the “Uffizi advanced technology project” in Florence is going well.



This involves a new air conditioning system for the entire Gallery, as well as for the areas of recent expansion, which will replace the present, traditional system. The project will concentrate on the following objectives: the investigation of internal conditions in relation to conservation of the works of art; the setting up of a data bank on the state of these, which will be established with new diagnostic techniques; the use of computers and telecommunications for information and teaching. The bodies involved in the operation are the Iroe-Cnr, Florence; the Istituto Inquinamento Atmosferico Cnr, Rome; the electronic engineering department of the university and the Syremont company. The work has been funded by the Fio over the last few years and so far the primary ducting has been installed. This will be connected to a central unit that will serve the entire Uffizi complex. Measurements of the micro-climate have been made for the past two years in various parts of the rooms: gauges have identified the critical points in the various environments, which are determined by sharp changes in humidity and temperature. To bring forward the preliminary research the Cnr has allocated some £250,000 ($125,000).

Originally appeared in The Art Newspaper as 'High-tech Uffizi'