French and Russians come together over Malevich in cooperative workshops and lectures, entitled "Playing Malevich"

The group of Lille and Soviet artists, designers, and architects will collaborate to produce an original culture park



Two instructors and eight students from the Architectural School of Lille in France are to spend ten days studying alongside Soviet artists and designers at Senezh, one of the USSR Artists’ Union houses near Moscow. They will join their Soviet colleagues at workshops on several conceptual projects, listening to lectures on culture, art and philosophy, and taking part in creative discussions. These are the first fruits of an agreement signed in 1989 between the USSR Artists’ Union and the Lille School of Architecture. Both sides share an interest in the work of Casimir Malevich. The Russians have been studying the artist’s creations through practical work and lectures. The programme is being conducted under the provisional title of “Playing Malevich”. Participants of the seminar have decided to put their ideas into practice in a tangible project, Malevich Park. The park is a small green area where Malevich’s artistic ideas are to be transformed into three-dimensional compositions, making an original culture park centering on the theme of the artist’s work. The Soviet group have been working at Senezh since mid-January within the framework of the recently-established cooperation between the Russian and French cultures. The work finished at the end of February. The artistic director of the seminar, Mark Konik of the USSR, has designed many museum exhibits and exhibitions.

Originally appeared in The Art Newspaper as 'French and Russians come together over Malevich'