Giacometti retrospective to be held at New York's Acquavella Galleries Inc.

Acquavella's good name has guaranteed the participation of several distinguished lenders


Acquavella Galleries Inc. are presenting a museum-quality retrospective of seventy-three works by Alberto Giacometti. The exhibition, until 10 December, comprises sixty-three sculptures and ten paintings dating from the early 1920s until 1965, the year before the artist’s death. The collection includes signature works such as “Woman with her Throat Cut”, “The Invisible Object (Hands Holding the Void)’, “The Pointing Man”, “The Walking Man’, “The Nose”, “The Hand, The Chariot”, and five of “The Women of Venice”. The range of museum, dealer, and private loans from here and abroad attest to Mr Acquavella’s daunting reputation, a presence fortified by his 1989 acquisition in partnership with Sotheby’s of the Pierre Matisse estate, the source for a number of the exhibited works.

Gallery exhibitions of Giacometti have not been wanting in Manhattan. Larry Gagosian had twenty-one works in a career-spanning show last year, and this summer Chozo Yoshii assembled fifteen, pre-1930 pieces, along with the artist’s “Tentative Catalogue of Early Works” and famous letter to Pierre Matisse. New York museums have been less attentive to the Swiss-born master; the last retrospectives were held at the Guggenheim twenty-one years ago, and at the Museum of Modern Art in 1965. (Major shows mounted by the Hirshhorn (1988-89) and the Museum of Modern in Paris (1991-92) did not travel.)

The Acquavella catalogue contains essays by Giacometti biographer James Lord and former critic for the New York Times, Michael Brenson. The gallery, at 18 East 57th Street, is charging $5 admission, $2 for students.

Originally appeared as 'Giacometti at Acquavella'