Kunsthaus Zurich holds exhibition in celebration Giacometti’s centenary

In order to make possible such an extensive exhibition, the museum collaborated with the Pompidou and New York's MOMA, who consented to send over his more breakable pieces



The Kunsthaus in Zurich have pulled out all the stops to celebrate the centenary of fellow countryman, Alberto Giacometti. It is an impressive show by virtue of the large nucleus of works already held by the Kunsthaus: 72 sculptures, 17 paintings, and 62 drawings. For the centenary they have collaborated with the Pompidou and the Museum of Modern Art in New York (to which the exhibition transfers in October). This has facilitated the loan of the delicate works from Giacometti’s surrealist period, such as the “Main prise” of 1932 or “Point e à l’oeil” of the same year. The result is, arguably, the most imposing Giacometti exhibition of the last 20 years: 90 sculptures, 40 paintings, and 60 drawings. It documents each phase of Giacometti’s production, from his early interest in Cycladic and African art, “Spoon woman” 1926-27; the Cubist Giacometti of the 30s “Figure in the garden” of 1934, and “Tête-crâne”; through to his trademark tapering silhouettes, such as “The chariot”, 1950. The exhibition is accompanied by a documentary by Heinz Bütler.

Kunsthaus Zurich, Heimplatz 1, Zurich, Switzerland. Tel: +41 (0)1 2516765 (until 2 September). Then to Museum Modern of Art, 11 West 53 Street, New York Tel: +1 212 708 9750 (10 October-8 January 2002)

Originally appeared in The Art Newspaper as 'Kunsthaus Zurich celebrates Giacometti’s centenary'