Foundation opens new space in Buenos Aires

The main aim of Fundación Arte is to promote cultural dialogue with Argentinian and Latin American artists


The Fundación Arte, established in Buenos Aires by the entrepreneur and collector Federico Castro Debernardi, is announcing its opening exhibition, titled Evolutionary Travels, with a launch at the Argentine embassy here in London, on 6 October.

“I am extremely passionate about the foundation’s mission and believe it will make a change in the dialogue between Argentina and the rest of the world,” Debernardi says.

Evolutionary Travels, which opens on 6 December at the foundation’s home in the Palais de Glace, a former Belle Epoque ice skating rink in Buenos Aires’ Recoleta neighbourhood, brings together notable international contemporary artists, such as Avery Singer, Ella Kruglyanskaya and Rachel Harrison, and lesser-known Argentinian practitioners, such as Amalia Pica, Matias Duville and Varda Caivano. Artists from all over the continent are also taking part, such as Jose Vera Matos (Peru) and Gabriel Kuri (Mexico). The show’s curator is Flavia Frigeri, who co-curated the recent and well-received show The World Goes Pop, at the Tate Modern.

Alongside its annual exhibition, which will be free of charge, the foundation will offer academic fellowships and a programme of educational activities.