Has Garage Cat been abducted by aliens? Moscow museum's feline friend is missing


Garage Cat, the pet mascot of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow, has wandered off in Gorky Park—or been kidnapped by aliens—according to panicked Instagram posts on Thursday. A post on his dedicated social media page written by his human caretakers, says: “A week ago Garage Cat left our office located in Gorky Park for a walk and didn’t return.”

An earlier post showed the imposing ginger, orange-eyed feline, who has nearly 7,600 Instagram followers and even his own email address (cat@garagemca.org), being beamed up into a UFO. Sightings have been reported at various spots near the park and around central Moscow. Garage Museum was founded by Dasha Zhukova with her former partner billionaire Roman Abramovich, but there has not yet been mention of a reward for the return of Garage Cat, whose job is to lounge around the museum’s offices and yard, pose for conceptual still lifes with vodka, and make judgemental faces at followers for being slow to visit the museum’s current exhibitions.

Have you seen Garage Cat? If so, get in touch with the museum.


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