Friezescope: what the stars have in store for Air Signs during Frieze week

Our resident mystic has some sage predictions for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius art lovers


Geminians Christo and Jeanne-Claude were born on the same day, 13 June © Anders Krusberg/Peabody Awards

Gemini (21 May-20 June)

October starts with a focus on your fifth house of romance, creativity and self-expression, making this a great opportunity to open up conversations with someone about a potential new commission, side hustle or just a fun fling. Chatty Mercury, your ruling planet, moves into your sixth house of health and work habits on 4 October, which may have you mixing the personal and professional sides of your life. However, make sure this relationship benefits you both and is grounded in mutual respect.

Gemini artists: Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Rachel Ruysch, Irving Penn

Oozing charisma: Libran Tintoretto © Victoria and Albert Museum

Libra (23 September-22 October)

Happy birthday, Libra! The sun is in your sign this month, and the first week of October sees both Mercury and Venus (your ruling planet) in your first house of self-identity, making this a great time for self-promotion as your charisma is off the charts. This energy shifts into your second house of income, value and priorities starting on 4 October; the choices you make now have the potential to reverberate through your finances for the next several months. Your magnetism may draw some interesting opportunities and deals your way.

Libra artists: Tintoretto, Faith Ringgold, Carolee Schneeman

Roving Ruskin: Aquarians are consummate explorers with a love of learning © Ashmolean Museum

Aquarius (20 January-18 February)

Not that Aquarians are ever suited to staying still, but the beginning of October sees a lot of activity in your ninth house of travel and higher learning. There is no time like the present to book that trip to Menorca to party—er, I mean, research—at Hauser and Wirth’s new Spanish island resort—sorry, arts centre—opening in 2020. Mercury moves to your tenth house of career and public image on 4 October, so even if an exotic destination is not on the cards right now, a new and exciting work opportunity may be.

Aquarius artists: John Ruskin, Joan Mitchell, Thomas Cole