The Art Newspaper's comprehensive 2020 art fair guide

From Miami to Marrakech, here are all the dates you need for your calendar this year


Whether you're a fair-tigued dealer, an avid collector or a hyper-organised art-lover, look no further than our 2020 Art Fair Calendar to plan your year ahead.

India Art Fair 2019 in New Delhi Courtesy of India Art Fair


Este Arte, Punta del Este, Uruguay, 4-8 January

Original Miami Beach Antique Show, Miami Beach, Florida, US, 4-8 January

Mayfair Antiques & Fine Art Fair, London, UK, 9-12 January

Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary, Palm Beach, Florida, US, 9-12 January

Art Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria, 16-19 January

Fog Design + Art, San Francisco, California, US, 16-19 January

Outsider Art Fair, New York, US, 16-19 January

SEA Focus, Singapore, 16-19 January

First Art Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 16-20 January

Taipei Dangdai Taipei, Taiwan, 17-19 January

Untitled, San Francisco, California, US, 17-19 January

Miami Antiques + Art + Design Show, Miami, Florida, US, 18-20 January

Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair (Winter), London, UK, 21-26 January

Bruneaf (Brussels Non-European Art Fair) Winter, Brussels, Belgium, 22-26 January

London Art Fair, London, UK, 22-26 January

AADLA Fine Art & Antiques Show, New York, US, 24-26 January

Arte Fiera Bologna, Bologna, Italy, 24-26 January

The Winter Show, New York, US, 24 January-2 February

Master Drawings New York, US, 25 January-1 February

Brafa (Brussels Antiques & Fine Arts Fair), Brussels, Belgium, 26 January-2 February

Art Geneve, Geneva, Switzerland, 30 January-2 February

India Art Fair, New Delhi, India, 30 January-2 February

Photo LA, Santa Monica, California, US, 30 January-2 February

Art3f Paris, Paris, France, 31 January-2 February

Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Florida, US, 31 January-3 February

1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair in Marrakech Courtesy of 1-54


LA Art Show, Los Angeles, California, US, 5-9 February

Zona Maco, Mexico City, 5-9 February

Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 6-9 February

Nomad St Moritz, St Moritz, Switzerland, 6-9 February

Rotterdam Photo, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 6-9 February

Affordable Art Fair, Milan, Italy, 7-9 February

Material, Mexico City, 7-9 February

Art Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany, 13-16 February

Felix LA, Los Angeles, California, US, 13-16 February

Stockholm International, Stockholm, Sweden, 13-16 February

Art Palm Springs, Palm Springs, California, US, 13-17 February

Art Wynwood, Miami, Florida, US, 13-17 February

Palm Beach Show, Palm Beach, Florida, US, 13-18 February

Art Los Angeles Contemporary, Los Angeles, California, US, 14-16 February

Frieze Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, US, 14-16 February

Investec Cape Town Art Fair, Cape Town, South Africa, 14-16 February

Arte Genova, Genoa, Italy, 14-17 February

Palm Springs Modernism Show & Sale (Spring), Palm Springs, California, US, 15-18 February

The Artist Project, Toronto, Canada, 20-23 February

American Indian Art Show San Francisco, San Rafael, California, US, 21-23 February

Art Fair Philippines, Manila, Philippines, 21-23 February

San Francisco Tribal and Textile Art Show, San Francisco, California, US, 21-23 February

Naples Art, Antique and Jewellery Show, Naples, Florida, US, 21-25 February

1–54 Contemporary African Art Fair, Marrakech, Marrakech, Morocco, 22-23 February

Arco Madrid, Madrid, Spain, 26 February-1 March

Masterpiece Munster Art & Antik, Munster, Germany, 26 February-1 March

Art Madrid, Madrid, Spain, 27 February-1 March

Collect Fair for Modern Craft and Design, London, UK, 27 February-1 March

Just Mad, Madrid, Spain, 27 February-1 March

The Art Show (ADAA), New York, US, 27 February-1 March

Art3f Toulouse, Toulouse, France, 28 February-1 March

Hybrid Contemporary, Madrid, Spain, 28 February-1 March

Mercanteinfiera Spring, Parma, Italy, 29 February-8 March

Tania Candiani, Reverencia (2019) at the Armory Show 2019 in New York Photo: Teddy Wolff


Art Bahrain Across Borders (ArtBAB), Sanabis, Bahrain, March

Collective Design Fair, New York, US, March

Volta New York, New York, US, 4-8 March

Art on Paper, New York, US, 5-8 March

Collectible, Brussels, Belgium, 5-8 March

NY International Antiquarian Book Fair, New York, US, 5-8 March

Scope New York, New York, US, 5-8 March

The Armory Show, New York, US, 5-8 March

Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen, Germany, 6-8 March

Independent, New York, US, 6-8 March

Object & Thing at Independent, New York, US, 6-8 March

Tefaf Maastricht, Maastricht, Netherlands, 7-15 March

Affordable Art Fair, London, UK, 12-15 March

Art Central, Hong Kong, China, 17-22 March

Chelsea Antiques Fair, London, UK, 18-20 March

The Open Art Fair (BADA), London, UK, 18-24 March

Art Basel in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, 19-21 March

MIA Photo Fair, Milan, Italy, 19-22 March

Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium, 20-22 March

Art Fair Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, 20-22 March

Ceramic Art London, London, UK, 20-22 March

Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE, 25-28 March

Chaco (Chile Arte Contemporáneo), Santiago, Chile, 25-29 March

Drawing Now, Paris, France, 25-29 March

Salon du Dessin, Paris, France, 25-30 March

Affordable Art Fair, New York, US, 26-29 March

Eurantica, Brussels, Belgium, 26-29 March

Art Nordic, Copenhagen, Denmark, 27-29 March

Me Huevo Loca performance at Lolo y Lauti's booth at ArteBA 2019 Courtesy of arteBA Fundación


Art Beijing, Beijing, China, April

Paris Tribal, Paris, France, April

PAD (Paris Art + Design), Paris, France, 1-5 April

SP-Arte (São Paulo International Art Festival), São Paulo, Brazil, 1-5 April

Art Paris, Paris, France, 2-5 April

Paris Photo New York, New York, US, 2-5 April

Arte BA (Art Fair Buenos Aires), Buenos Aires, Argentina, 16-19 April

Art Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada, 16-19 April

Dallas Art Fair, Dallas, Texas, US, 16-19 April

MiArt, Milan, Italy, 17-19 April

Almoneda Antik Passion Spring, Antiques and Art Fair, Madrid, Spain, 18-26 April

Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan, Italy, 21-26 April

The Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair (Spring), London, UK, 21-26 April

PArC (Peru Arte Contemporaneo), Lima, Peru, 22-26 April

Art Brussels, Brussels, Belgium, 23-26 April

Art Cologne, Cologne, Germany, 23-26 April

Artexpo New York, New York, US, 23-26 April

Art Market San Francisco, San Francisco, California, US, 23-26 April

Supermarket (Stockholm Independent Art Fair), Stockholm, Sweden, 23-26 April

Urban Art Fair, Paris, France, 23-26 April

Art3f Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 24-26 April

Discovery Art Fair, Cologne, Germany, 24-26 April

Luxembourg Art Fair, Luxembourg, 24-26 april

Market Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden, 24-26 April

Salon International du Livre Rare et de’l Objet d’Art, Paris, France, 24-26 April

Contemporary Art Fair, Paris, France, 26-29 April

Affordable Art Fair, London, UK, 30 April-3 May

Auckland Art Fair, Auckland, New Zealand, 29 April-3 May

Kunst RAI, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 29 April-3 May

Lausanne Art Fair, Lausanne, France, 30 April-3 May

London Original Print Fair, London, UK, 30 April-3 May

Paper Positions Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 30 April-3 May

Forum Grimaldi Monte-Carlo Courtesy Art Monte Carlo


Art Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo, Monaco, 1-3 May

Frieze New York, New York, US, 6-10 May

Superfine New York, New York, US, 6-10 May

Future Fair, New York, US, 7-9 May

Art New York, New York, US, 7-10 May

Object & Thing, New York, US, 7-10 May

1–54 Contemporary African Art Fair, New York, New York, US, 8-10 May

Tefaf New York Spring, New York, US, 8-12 May

Museums + Heritage Show, London, UK, 13-14 May

Eye of the Collector, London, UK, 13-16 May

Arco Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal, 14-17 May

Draw Art Fair London, London, 14-17 May

Chicago Antiques + Art + Design Show, Chicago, Illinois, US, 14-17 May

JustLX (Lisboa Contemporary Art Fair), Lisbon, Portugal, 14-17 May

Photo London, London, UK, 14-17 May

Tbilisi Art Fair, Tbilisi, Georgia, 14-17 May

Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair, Glasgow, Scotland, 15-16 May

ART (Art Revolution Taipei), Taipei, Taiwan, 22-25 May

Prague Photo, Prague, Czech Republic, 26-30 May

Umschlagplatz Coburg, Coburg, Germany, 30-31 May

Geoffrey Diner and Safani Gallery shared stand at Masterpiece London Courtesy of Masterpiece


GZ-Basel, Basel, Switzerland, 3-7 June

Arch Moscow, Moscow, Russia, 4-7 June

Tokyo International Art Fair, Tokyo, Japan, 5-6 June

Bruneaf Summer, Brussels, Belgium, 10-14 June

Scope Basel, Basel, Switzerland, 11-14 June

Volta Basel, Basel, Switzerland, 15-20 June

Liste: the Young Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland, 15-21 June

Design Miami/Basel, Basel, Switzerland, 16-21 June

Paper Positions Basel, Basel, Switzerland, 16-21 June

Photo Basel, Basel, Switzerland, 16-21 June

I Never Read, Basel, Switzerland, 17-20 June

The Art & Antiques Fair Olympia, London, UK, 17-26 June

Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland, 18-21 June

Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne, Australia, 18-21 June

Rhy Basel: the Young Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland, 18-21 June

Masterpiece London, London, UK, 25 June-1 July

Market Art + Design, The Hamptons Courtesy of Market Art + Design


Market Art + Design, Bridgehampton, New York, US, 2-5 July

Art Bodensee, Dornbirn, Austria, 3-5 July

Art Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, US, 16-19 July

Art Aspen, Aspen, Colorado, US, 23-26 July

Seattle Art Fair, Seattle, Washington, US, 23-26 July

New York Antique Jewellery & Watch Show, New York, US, 24-26 July

Algae Dome at CHART Art & Design Fair in Copenhagen Photo: Niklas Adrian Vindelev


100% Design South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa, 6-10 August

Art Nocturne Knocke, Knokke-Heist, Belgium, 8-16 August

SP-Arte/Foto, São Paulo, Brazil, 26-30 August

Art-O-Rama, Marseilles, France, 28-30 August

Chart Art/Design Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark, 28-30 August

Art Jakarta, Indonesia, 28-30 August

Contemporary Istanbul 2019 Courtesy of Contemporary Istanbul


100% Design, London, UK, September

ArtRio, Rio de Janiero, Brazil, September

Cosmoscow, Moscow, Russia, September

Positions Berlin Art Fair, Berlin, Germany, September

FNB Art Joburg, Johannesburg, South Africa, 4-6 September

Tribal Art London, London, UK, 3-7 September

Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 9-13 September

Positions Berlin Art Fair, Berlin, Germany, 10-13 September

Sydney Contemporary, Sydney, Australia, 10-13 September

Lapada Art & Antiques Fair, London, UK, 14-19 September

Restauro, Ferrara, Italy, 16-18 September

ArtBo (Bogota Art Fair), Bogota, Colombia, 17-20 september

Beirut Art Fair, Beirut, Lebanon, 17-20 September

Tresor Contemporary Craft, Basel, Switzerland, 17-20 September

Photofairs Shanghai, Shanghai, China, 18-20 September

La Biennale Paris, Paris, France, 18-22 September

Goldsmiths’ Fair, London, UK, 22-27 September

Affordable Art Fair, New York, US, 24-27 September

Expo Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, US, 24-27 September

KIAF Art Seoul, Seoul, South Korea, 24-27 September

Lima Photo, Lima, Peru, 24-27 September

SWAB Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, 24-27 September

Vienna Contemporary, Vienna, Austria, 24-27 September

British Art Fair, London, UK, 24-27 September

Art Athina, Athens, Greece, 25-28 September

Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair (Autumn), London, UK, 29 September-4 October

Donna Huanca’s canvases at Simon Lee’s stand at Frieze London 2019 Photo: David Owens


Fine Art Print Fair (International Fine Print Dealers Association), New York, US, October

Outsider Art Fair Paris, Paris, France, October

Palm Springs Modernism Show & Sale, Palm Springs, California, US, October

Texas Contemporary, Houston, Texas, US, October

YIA (Young International Art Fair), Paris, France, October

Art International Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland, 1-4 October

Kunst Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland, 1-4 October

Art Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2-4 October

Art3f Lyon, Lyon, France, 2-4 October

Fine Art Asia, Hong Kong, China, 2-5 October

PAD London, London, UK, 5-11 October

1–54 Contemporary African Art Fair, London, UK, 8-11 October

Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden, 8-11 October

Art Market Budapest, Budapest, Hungary, 22-25 October

Art Photo Budapest, Budapest, Hungary, 22-25 October

Frieze London, London, UK, 8-11 October

Frieze Masters, London, UK, 8-11 October

Sunday Art Fair, London, UK, 8-11 October

Manchester Art Fair, Manchester, UK, 9-11 October

Art Verona, Verona, Italy, 16-18 October

Paris Internationale, Paris, France, 19-23 October

Asia Now, Paris, France, 21-25 October

Affordable Art Fair, London, UK, October, 22-25 October

FIAC International Contemporary Art Fair, Paris, France, 22-25 October

IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair, New York, US, 22-25 October

NY Satellite Print Fair, New York, US, 22-25 October

Art Toronto (TIAF), Toronto, Canada, 23-25 October

AADLA Fine Art & Antiques Show, New York, US, 23-26 October

Winter Art & Antiques, London, UK, 23-26 October

SOFA Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, US, 29 October-1 November

Asian Art in London, London, UK, 29 October-7 November

ART SG, Singapore, 30 October-1 November

Paris Photo 2019 Courtesy Paris Photo


Abu Dhabi Art, Abu Dhabi, UAE, November

Art021 Shanghai, Shanghai, China, November

Art Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece, November

Exponatec Cologne, Cologne, Germany, November

Loop Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, November

Tefaf New York Fall, New York, US, 4-8 November

Artissima, Turin, Italy, 6-8 November

Art X Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria, 6-8 November

Discovery Art Fair, Frankfurt, Germany, 6-8 November

Downtown Design Dubai, Dubai, UAE, 10-13 November

West Bund Art & Design, Shanghai, China, 11-15 November

Paris Photo, Paris, France, 12-15 November

Art Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf, Germany, 13-15 November

Feriarte, Madrid, Spain, 14-22 November

Fine Arts Paris, Paris, France, 15-17 November

PAN Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 15-23 November

London Photograph Fair, London, UK, 17-19 November

Cologne Fine Art & Design, Cologne, Germany, 19-22 November

Salon: Art+Design, New York, US, 19-23 November

Affordable Art Fair, Singapore, 20-22 November

Design Miami, Miami Beach, Florida, US, 30 November-6 December

Jeppe Hein’s All You Are is The Result Of What You Have Thought (2019), at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2019 Photo: David Owens


Miami Project, Miami, Florida, US, December

Scope Miami Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, US, 1-6 December

Aqua Art Miami, Miami Beach, Florida, US, 2-6 December

Art Miami, Miami, Florida, US, 2-6 December

Context Art Miami, Miami, Florida, US, 2-6 December

Ink Miami, Miami Beach, Florida, US, 2-6 December

Pinta Miami, Miami, Florida, US, 2-6 December

Art Basel in Miami Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, US, 3-6 December

Nada Miami (New Art Dealers Alliance), Miami Beach, Florida, US, 3-6 December

Pulse Art Fair, Miami, Florida, US, 3-6 December

Untitled, Miami Beach, Florida, US, 3-6 December