Cavallini discovery reopens superiority debate between Quattrocento Roman and Florentine schools

Will Cavallini or Giotto reign supreme?

A fresco of the Virgin and Child with by saints, thought by some experts to be by Pietro Cavallini, has been uncovered in a chapel of the Church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli in Rome. This discovery will re-open the debate on the superiority of the Roman school, led by Cavallini (1266-1340), over the Florentine school represented by Giotto (1266-1337). Tommaso Strinati, the art historian who made the discovery, said that the “painting was concealed behind one by a disciple of Caravaggio; it is in very good condition and can be attributed to a master of the early 1290s, just before Giotto painted his fresco cycle in Assisi”.

Originally appeared in The Art Newspaper as 'Cavallini discovery reopens culture wars'

Appeared in The Art Newspaper Archive, 108 November 2000