Tate St Ives

Happy First Birthday, Tate St Ives

A first year of success for Cornish gallery

The Tate Gallery St Ives celebrated its first birthday in June. Designed to show twentieth-century art in the context of Cornwall, it has so far proved an outstanding success. Over 200,000 visitors have seen the collection; far more than the 70,000 anticipated. The arrival of the gallery has also generated a 6% increase in tourist revenue for the town of St Ives. The main displays at the Tate St Ives are to be rehung annually. From October new paintings include Terry Frost’s “Yellow Triptych” and Patrick Heron’s “Vertical January 1956”, plus works by artists such as Bomberg, Scott and Lanyon. The gallery has also commissioned work by living artists such as Peter Randall-Page, Peter Appleton and Martell Linsdell, through its programmes of artists’ residencies and projects.

Originally appeared in The Art Newspaper as 'Happy Birthday, Tate St Ives'

Appeared in The Art Newspaper Archive, 41 October 1994