Leonardo da Vinci

Palazzo Vecchio Leonardo discovery doubted

The unfinished fresco may lie under Vasari's contribution to the Palazzo

A team of experts, led by Leonardo scholar, Carlo Pedretti, claim to have discovered Leonardo’s unfinished fresco, “The Battle of the Anghiari” under Giorgio Vasari’s “Marciano in the Chiana Valley” in Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio. Until this year, documents referring to a location near the stairway led teams to search on the east wall in the Hall of the Five Hundred. A team led by Ugo Muccini realised that when these documents were written the stair was on the other side of the hall. Thermographic tests may reveal the location of Leonardo’s fresco. Florence’s councillor for culture, Rosa di Giorgi, and Mario Lolli Ghetti, Ministry of culture official with responsibility for architecture, have expressed their doubts about the claim.

Originally appeared in The Art Newspaper as 'Leonardo discovery doubted'

Appeared in The Art Newspaper Archive, 106 September 2000