Women Artists

Little movement—and no women on top—for Artindex France

Anri Sala tops the list for the second time

For the second year in a row, the Franco-Albanian video artist Anri Sala has topped Artindex France, a list published by our sister paper Le Journal des Arts ranking the “visibility” of living contemporary artists based on exhibitions across their careers. Stability reigns at the top of the 3,000-strong list, with nine of the top ten artists having appeared in last year’s highest spots. Sala, born in 1974, is followed by three older artists who consistently figure at the top—François Morellet (second), Christian Boltanski (third) and Daniel Buren (fourth). Half of the top 100 artists are under 50 years old. Women are glaringly absent in the upper reaches; just six of the top 50 are women, and Sophie Calle (above), ranked sixth, is the only woman in the top ten. Annette Messager, who came tenth last year, has fallen to 14th.

Appeared in The Art Newspaper Archive, 258 June 2014