Restoration workshop set up within Aachen cathedral

Imperial cathedral needs DM40 million after further damage was found to the building and its furnishings


The cost of restoring Aachen cathedral, which in 1988 was estimated at DM27.5 million, has risen to DM40 million (£14 million; $23.9 million) not only because of the price increases that have taken place in the last three years, but also because of the discovery of further damage to both building and furnishings. Last year DM4.5 million was raised from a campaign that appealed to both the public and private sectors. The great Barbarossa chandelier will shortly be removed for restoration (to be returned by 1993), together with the reliquary of the Virgin Mary, (the restoration of which should be completed by the year 2000). In order to safeguard 3,000 other works in the cathedral’s ownership, the ecclesiastical authorities have set up a restoration workshop within the cathedral, for the first time ever in Germany. This will be one of the main features of an exhibition planned to take place in Paris this year to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of UNESCO’s list of protected buildings, among which is Aachen cathedral.

Originally appeared in The Art Newspaper as 'Restoration workshop within Aachen cathedral'

Appeared in The Art Newspaper Archive, 14 January 1992