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Delia Brown: getting hung up at a collector’s home en route to the museum. Margo Leavin Gallery, Los Angeles

After a foray into video with her last exhibition in New York at D’Amelio Terras, Delia Brown is back to the exquisite drawings and paintings in jewel-like colours that put her on the map. Earlier series have depicted gorgeous young people lounging around swimming pools and fancy houses, presented with a certain slick, fashion-magazine sensibility. Her latest drawings and paintings, on view at Margo Leavin Gallery (18 October-15 November), brings us into the homes of art collectors, many of whom can boast some Browns of their own. They are based in Los Angeles, Brown’s native city, and New York, though she intends to exhibit this series in London and Greece, and so may also approach European collectors. Her motive in making these works is to publicise the private interiors of collectors’ houses, an interesting concept, given that magazine surveys of top collectors have made them celebrities almost on a par with the artists they collect. Brown’s work has always had a documentary edge, in that she investigates the high style social environment of which she herself forms a part. In one of the most charming pictures in this show, “Me smoking”, she poses next to a Damien Hirst spot painting (right).