Vanessa Beecroft

What's on: Vanessa Beecroft

Deitch Projects

It is increasingly rare to find super hot, hyped, young artists truly worthy of all that froth and ferment, but Vanessa Beecroft is an example of someone whose work (ignoring her poor paintings) actually matches all the blah. Beecroft has created a new sort of art unlike anything seen before, which is actually extremely hard to do and still worthy of reward. This art, the positioning and posing of human beings, often extremely attractive females in states of great undress, seems unbeatably appealing, both as voyeuristic spectacle and weird socio-cultural ritual. Her latest exhibition of ultra-gloss photos at Deitch Projects (until 27 April) may provide more of the same but it’s some of the best “same” to have come along in a while. VB 45 (above), for example, has 45 girls naked but for thigh high boots designed by Helmut Lang and hanging around looking bored as such fashion models often do: now who could criticise that? Unusual, original, physically unsettling and exciting, Beecroft may be excused her occasional grandeur (naming each work VB for example) considering her grand ambitions and hard-worked achievements. Among her worst detractors are those heterosexual males who mutter, “Actually I find the whole thing so oddly UN-erotic.”

Appeared in The Art Newspaper Archive, 124 April 2002